For All The Beautiful Women ..

This is not for the models or the actresses, this is for all the women who desire for less.

Not less in life, but less in the sense of not needing the lime light, the fast cars or the lore. The ones who dodge the insults and careless for the flashy, big talk, money spending whores. No this is for the women who want to be a mother, a sister a friend. Who want to be a something more to a man before the end comes and sweeps her away. She's not conservative, for she still lives for today, and any other kind of way. She has a real sense of life that does not involve clubs or bars, dudes with big chains or flashy cars. She wants her own house, somewhere she can be she, with her man so they can be we, and fade off into the shadows so the world can be.

Gucci this & Fendi that, sure she would like to have that stuff, but she doesn't need it to make fiction into fact. Because she's the real deal, Queen supreme, she's the P.Y.T., whose name is Charlene, and uplifts her man with her Pretty Wings. She's not into having it all, because she knows nothing can replace love and the man above. So she's careful when she gives her man a hug, because she knows this is Love, and her greatest gift to him is This Woman's Work.

Not all men want the model's and the actresses. We don't all want the Lewinsky's, The Barbie's, or the Ed Hardy's. We're more impressed when you become teachers, business women & doctors. Show us your mind and I promise we'll be better boyfriends, husbands and fathers. Because it doesn't make sense for them to try when you don't even bother. But I won't make this too long, because my point has been made, I'll just say this last thought to keep in your mind and never fade. Be all you can be, because eventually in the end, we'll be all we can be, for you.
  1. im so feelin that one! keep doin ya thing buddy

  2. This is deep...your deep..I love your post they're honest ... they're post with substance!

  3. Hey I'm a new follower, your work is amazing by the way.

    That last sentence...goosebumps.

    That's all I'll say.


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