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Here you'll find the complete listing for all the blogs here on Cold Knowledge for the year 2016. Hope you find something great to read and if so leave a comment so I know which one you liked.

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I'm A Writer, Not A Blogger

Yes there's a stark difference between the two.

There is a change coming soon and I can feel it in the air. What most people probably won't realize that here on this blog in particular is an assortment of different writings that I have. I've written pieces that range from poetry to short stories and essays with ease. Make no mistake about it, writing is a God given talent of mine and people don't seem to realize that because I don't make it known quite as often.

Ride Along 2 Movie Review

I liked this movie.

As I always say, a lot of people these days are not the movie critics that they think they are. This movie currently holds a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.8 on IMBD, for no apparent reason. Well I would say I would give it about a 60% and 6.5 ratings respectively on my end. I'm one of those people that enter movies realistically and unselfishly. A lot of people feel as though they want every single movie to be the movie of the year when they watch it, and they are rightfully justified in thinking that. But when it comes to movies, sometimes it's just better to sit back and lose yourself for about an hour or two.

Potentially No By Aqueilla C. Terry

They say blood is thicker than water...

but this well has run dry..so my bruises "pop" like they've become part of my outfit...
Potentially I saw better
Potentially I wanted better...
Potentially I knew it would be worth it...
But it’s the potential that got me here...
That has me disappointed in you...so blinded by what you could do
Turning my face away...from what you're doing. Society said you got the potential...
So stick with it...
And that's the problem....the potential....
-A.C.T. 9/17/15

Quiet As Kept

I will never understand simple human behavior, never.

This person who I just recently cut off all ties to because they were a cancer to my life did something very unnerving and weird to me. There was a conversation bought up to me where the person was just complaining and complaining, not really offering anything other than complaints and condescending remarks towards the person who they were talking about. And at the end of their story, (in which I wasn't listening at all and I was trying to make that evident the whole time), they asked me if I agreed and I said no. Then when they asked why I replied with: "I don't really have a reason, it's just not what would have done in that situation, but then again we're two different people".

The Woman That Prays

There is a woman out there that's just for me; she's always praying.

My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 1 | Boyz II Men

If you look at my play count on my iTunes you'll see one song that's played pretty regularly; Please Don't Go off of their debut album Cooleyhighharmony. If I can name one R&B song that defines me, then I would definitely pick this one. But that's just one of the many songs that Boyz II Men have in their their extensive catalog of hits. When you think of hit R&B acts you can't help but think of them as one of the first ones to come to mind. When I think of great musical acts, I think of artists that make music that can still be played even ten years after the fact. That's exactly what Boyz II Men did for great stretch of their career.

Black Girl Magic

(Photo Courtesy of Michelene J.)

Dear Black Girls,

You are indeed magical & you are clearly doing this right if someone posted nonsense like this.

Top 10 Movies: Winter 2016

So here we are once again to discuss the movies I'm looking forward to the most this coming season. And the season that we'll be discussing is the winter months, January through March. Upon further research as to what movies are coming out this season, I was pleased to surprised to find a lot of movies I didn't originally see when I did my Top 25 Movies In 2016 list. For the most part I left this alone and parallel to the top 25 Movies In 2016 list to have some continuity going on; (I'm going to live and die by that list until the end of the year comes). One glaring movie I didn't realize was still coming out starts this list off for us and I'm deeming it the top sports movie pick of the year.


The Zoe Appreciation Post

I feel appreciated.

There are a few things that I keep close to my chest in life: my family, my beliefs, my goals and my finances. While I talk about them sometimes, I don't openly discuss them at length because I simply believe that the things that you hold near and dear to your heart should be protected at all times. I believe that given the chance, someone will come along and wish to destroy all that you have simply because they either want it or they envy you for having something they don't.

Year of The King

True story:

One day I was randomly sitting on my computer looking for something to listen to while I caught up on blog work. When I was going through the K's I was going to settle on the familiar project of Kendrick's I was bumping at the time, which was a mixtape of unreleased tracks that were making their rounds on the net. But then as I was listening to the track "Look Out For Detox" I saw a mixtape entitled "Long Live The King" by an artist named King Mez. I decided to turn that on by the recommendation of one of my homeboys and I haven't looked back since.

Top 25 Movies In 2016


It's that time of year again guys!

It's time to check out what movies I'm excited for. Last year I highlighted some movies on the post Whew! Movies Lineup and it was a lot of movies. Well I decided to highlight the top 25 movies real quick for you guys that I'm excited to see this year. This is just a quick rundown because I'm going to actually come out with a list for each different season and highlight them in the monthly update if there is something that I want to truly see.

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

So I was on Twitter one night, minding my business, and I saw this zodiac account by the name of The Dark Pixie tweeting some very valuable things about Mercury Retrograde. If you don't know anything about Mercury Retrograde, then you can read all up on it here. But in lamest terms, it's at time where you don't want to do too much of free winging and nonchalant thinking.

From Cali, With Love

Beauty is not in the face;

Beauty is a light in the heart.

- Kahlil Gibran

January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Ok so what if I'm a few days late, but you get the drift lol. I hope you guys had a great New Year's Eve celebration and subsequent bringing in of the New Year. I spent mine at work because I'm old, washed and so are my friends lol. But none the less I'm glad to be here with you guys in the New Year and I'm glad that we can start it off doing some of the same stuff that we did last year.

The New Year's Day Blog

"New Year, New Me".

As I've grown older and my common sense has slowly trickled back in, I realize that this is probably one of the worse holidays in terms of lies and broken promises. This has probably had more heartbreaks than Valentine's, Christmas, Halloween and birthdays combined. Every single year people get to December and start yelling out the phrase "when January 1st hits", and subsequently back slides right back into what they said they were going to quit. This literally happens every single damn year.