Dear Devri, Part 2

This isn't our first rodeo

Morris & Jerome Show Podcast Interview: Episode Tinder

Wanderlust, Part 2

So in the first entry of the Wanderlust Series I talked about having that itch to travel and how I need to get up and do something about it. This time around I'm going to give you some ways you can prepare for actually getting ready to head out and travel. Little tips to think about before you even decide where you want to go. Some of this stuff is pretty routine and common knowledge but there are others you may have forgotten to think about when it comes time to travel.

6 Types of Women I Won't Date

So with all of my failures when it comes to dating women, (and I have my fair share of them as well), I've come to realize that there are certain types of women that I run into frequently. As the years have progressed, so has my ability to spot these women out in the beginning, thus eliminating the time that I waste on getting to know them, wine and dining them, etc. etc. Now there are some dudes out there that want to do right, (no we're not all out to hump every single thing that moves), but they're not up to speed on the types of women they should avoid.

That's where I come in lol.

Ballers Season 1 Review

Just one question: why is this show only 30 minutes?

Blessings In Disguise

Life is hard.

Family Values

So I was talking to my friend and they asked me what are some of the things that I would like to do when I finally have a family of my own. Like what values and activities would I bring back to make my family a close unit that makes them feel loved and open enough to come to me when they have problems. I'll admit that I've never really thought about that before and I started to think on what things I could do to be the best leader of my household I can be.

American Ultra Movie Review


Shimmy's Top 7 Galactic Bloggers

So one of my great blogging buddies I made over the course of the year, Ms. Shimmy Sistah of Shimmy Sistah, has blessed me enough to add me to her Top 7 Galactic Bloggers. You guys know how humble I am when people I admire and respect show me love and tell me that I'm doing great things. This means even more when someone I respect and have worked along side on a couple of projects and even frequented to advice for. So to see my name up there along side some other great bloggers, it's just a humbling experience.

So big thanks to Shimmy Sistah and all that she does and continues to do. Make sure you guys check out her blog at Shimmy Sistah and you can see the list here: Shimmy's Top 7 Galactic Bloggers. It has a couple of other great blogs that I support and a couple I didn't know about before checking the list out, so go and make sure you look at that because there might be one you like on there.

Until next time guys!

Relationship Advice From My Lane

Being labeled as an expert or a leader in a particular field or subject matter is one of the highest honors you can bestow upon someone, well at least it should be. Hearing lines like "so and so is the leading subject matter expert on this matter" will always sound so cool to me. That's why when people say to me that I'm an expert at blogging or an expert at giving relationship advice, I tend to shy away from it. I don't like it for the simple fact that I don't do the things necessary to become a subject matter expert in any area. I don't do the countless hours of research, I don't spend years reviewing real world applications or experiment synopsis', I simply just give from my personal experiences on subjects. All of my advice is from what I've been through and from what I've learned from the people around me, and I take the opinions of a lot of "subject matter experts" very loosely because sometimes it's a hit or a miss with them. You could basically sum up my advice as something that I wouldn't tell you to do if I wouldn't do it myself if I were in your situation, and honestly that's how it should be.

Two Twitter Tony

So one of the things that I noticed about a lot of bloggers is that they have just one account for their social media networks that they share with friends, family and fans alike. When I was doing my initial research on how to actually make your blog a brand, multiple sites listed where you should just have one social media account per network because you will get side tracked a lot trying to balance and maintain multiple ones. So for awhile I was doing just that with my twitter and Instagram accounts, (Facebook has fan  pages so that doesn't really count as needing to create two accounts). And for awhile there I was fine just using one, and building it up to be something special, but then came the day where I got tired of just using that one account.

Black Mass Movie Review

I'm starting to think that Johnny has this weird fetish for role play.

Sicario Movie Review

This movie started out real great, but then I don't know what happened.

They Just Don't Get It

So I'm reading the comments on multiple blogs and news sites and this post is just a reactionary one in terms of the pure and utter bewilderment that I currently have instilled in my heart. Every single article that I read, I don't read only read to see if the point comes off as valid and makes sense, I also read it for the comments section and the reactions that come along with it. The things that I see during the time I spend on these articles are just hilarious at this point because I'm convinced that a lot of people will never fully comprehend the actual reasons why African American's lash out at things that piss us off. These things tend to include, but are most definitely not limited to: cultural appropriation on a daily basis, discrimination in advancement opportunities when clearly we did something better, calling someone out on their bullshit when they try to make a slick comment, oh and my favorite one of all time, when they kill an African American in some sort of police custody. At this point I just look at those comments and just laugh it off and keep it moving.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared.
- Tupac

Let's talk about the kid for a second.

Destroy And Rebuild

Sometimes in order to keep your sanity and spiritual well being up to par, you have to start all over.

Stay Low & Build

Sometime long ago on twitter, the notion of staying low and building was presented. Of course it was met with much ridicule and mockery, but could that person who bought it up have a valid point? Could the man that everyone jumped on and called stupid and insecure, have a valid case and point for staying out of the spotlight? Could this man who was a considered a clown actually might be a genius in disguise? OK I'm overdoing it with all of these questions, but you get my drift lol.

But you know what they say, even a fool is right at least once in their life.

End of 2015 Movie Roundup

So summer 2015 yielded the second best summer of all time, even though the results were top heavy.

Southpaw Movie Review

This was definitely one of the better movies of the summer.

If I Die ..

So I originally wrote this awhile ago, but I didn't really like what I wrote. But the funny thing that happened was @eversoRoco wrote an extremely well done post entitled Not A Suicide Note, and it inspired me to rewrite this whole post, scrapping the one that wasn't fit for your eyes. While this is not quite as poetic as @eversoRoco's Not A Suicide Note, I hope I can convey the same message.

Invest In Self

So the awesome piece of advice that I received for this month is to invest in yourself.

True Detective Season 2 Review

All season I waited for that one big moment and it never came.

Eclecticism At It's Finest

So I'm sitting here and watching Sia's Elastic Heart video and two things popped in my head as I watched it: 1.) the symbolism went completely over my head the first go around and 2.) it's a great feeling knowing that I'm eclectic when it comes to music. The topic of this post is going to be about my eclecticism but I have to delve into this video for a second because of all the backlash I learned about when I was reading the ever so entertaining comment section for the video on YouTube.

Before you go on, watch the video right quick and then proceed:

Blogging While Male & Black

I didn't really realize that there was a lot of questions surrounding my status as a Male blogger until I started talking to a couple of my peers and readers about my personal life. I know that I'm a tad bit vague on my bio and I don't really mention too much about my actual personal life. I mean I designed it to be that way, but since you know, the blog is growing every month, I figured it's time to put some of these questions, and a couple of rumors and ill perceived notions, to rest. You know how much I love lists on this site, so I think one would suffice here with a couple of general facts about myself. I'll be as clear and concise as humanly possible so that there isn't anymore confusion or random comments lol.

So without further ado:

An Unrequited Love By Melanie Woods

Because, if you could love someone,
And keep loving them, without being loved back,
Then that love had to be real.
It hurt too much to be anything else.
- Sarah Cross

Someone once said "Great friends make great lovers. The longer you’re friends, the more stable your relationship is going to be."

Well, that wasn't true in my case.

My Favorite Rap Artists, Vol. 9 | Killer Mike

My God is amazing, I don't need the Masons
I just need the junkies and the liars and the thieves
I need the pimps, prostitutes and pushers out the streets
That's where I'm seeking God cuz that's where he found me
That's where I'm seeking God cuz that's where he found me
- (God In The Building II, 2011) 

The Grandparents Day Blog

If Mother's Day is the most celebrated and Father's Day is the next most celebrated of the family holidays after Thanksgiving and Christmas, then Grandparents day must rank last and that's a shame. Now while most people can't celebrate this holiday because either both of their Grandparents have passed away or they simply don't know them, a lot of people do and they don't say enough or do enough to appreciate them. I've seen a lot of cases where people say they want to know their Grandparents and more about their families but never get around to doing it and then when they passed away they felt like complete trash because they never made an effort to get to know them. Now while that happens often, the other shoe on that foot is that some Grandparents, not all, are kind of trash in terms of their attitude and how they come off to people as being rude and bitter. Like I completely get that reasoning, but just like any two people there are going to be a divide until someone is the adult and goes and makes amends, even if you're not at fault.

Master of Horror | Wes Craven

Wes Craven knew how to make horror movies that had a purpose.

Hi There Little Bear!

So as I'm sitting here going through my timeline on twitter, Cold Knowledge favorite motivator @SheSeauxSaditty brought to light a very important situation that was needed to be made aware of. Ms. Autumn, more famously known as Little Bear, is an wonderfully made, bright, full of life and vivacious 11 year old. I'm not going to tell you her whole story because I would rather you read it on her Tumblr post entitled: Little Bear & Our Journey because it's nothing short of jaw dropping how this amazing young princess and her mother @ChoklitGemini deals with her Stage III Leukemia.

The Labor Day Blog

It's the last official cookouts of the year!

Hartford King's Beautiful Back To School Support

This was a great day.

Minions Movie Review

This movie was surprisingly really funny to me.

September 2015

Can you believe that we are already in September?