Devri Velazquez

We always have the shield of protection over us,
It just takes some time to realize it.
But once you acknowledge that God is on your side,
You won’t ever fail.

I want to introduce you to my right hand in this blogging game.

When they ask me who I look up to, when they ask me who inspires me, when they ask what drives you to better yourself, what makes you believe that things will get better and that hard work, faith, dreams and having hope will all pay off, I say Devri. I've talked about her multiple times over thought the last two years and no one actually knew who she really was or what she meant to me until I posted Dear Devri earlier this year. Put it like this, there are few people that come in your life and you just click with off bat, and that's what happened. Come to think about it, 2012 was such a long time ago. Its funny because when I first interacted with her on twitter through networking for blogging, she was very sick at the time. Of course me being the person that I am, I supported her right out of the gate, especially with a life threatening disease. I'm not going to lie, there was a time where I questioned giving people the benefit of the doubt and supporting them because a lot of people didn't pan out, but she definitely did, and that's a great feeling to call someone like that a friend.

Personal feelings aside, she's definitely one of my favorite, if not the favorite, bloggers on the net. She embodies what every blogger should strive to be, 100% honest and genuine about what they write and how they present themselves. It's easy to get lost in the mindset of being sick and told you're not going to get better on a daily basis, the fact that she doesn't allow herself to become that kind of person who gives up, she perseveres, and she makes it known to the world through her blog If you go back and look you'll easily see that she puts her story out there, the highs and the lows. Whether it's posts telling you how she feels like crap one day, like a million bucks another, through poems about how she loves and wants to be respected, to giving you great natural hair tips via, she leaves it all out there. I can also say that she is one of the few women in this women in this world who's beauty I value you for the pure fact that her aura and smile match perfectly, plus I love her hair and how she constantly switches it up.

I'm proud to bring to the site the one person I consider to be my equal in this blogging world, and at times better than I will ever be, Devri Velazquez. I promise you everything that you will read that she puts her touch on, you'll love her and what she has to say. So buckle your seatbelts and get ready to be impressed by one of the few people on this planet that can do it just by being themselves and lighting up your life with her purer awesomeness. I for one know the pleasure of such abilities and I haven't stopped being impressed yet, and I haven't stopped supporting her either.

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  1. She's awesome and so inspiring. Love following her Instagram page


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