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This is a brand new series that I want to try out and bring to you guys. This was originally my thoughts section on my previous website and now I'm bringing it to you here on my new blog. I really hope you enjoy it and don't get too offended at my point of views. I mean after all it's my opinion on stuff and I think everyone has the right to voice theirs, this is just me voicing mine on here. Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below in my comment section box.

My Problems With Girls

In my life there are a lot of things that make me, well me. I’m very complicated, and its not the unnecessary complicated, but the kind that attracts people’s attention. It’s like I do what I want, when I want and sometimes that’s a scary thing to do. But when it comes down to girls, it’s basically whatever. I see girl that my friends would label to be fine and it’s usually one of two things: One, I can look at her and have the feeling of not caring at all, or Two its that rare occasion where my friends will go on and on about her, until I say go talk to her ,or shut up about it. Now this is the funny part they get scared and say something smart like, “Man I don’t want to talk to her like that, why don’t you go talk to her”. Now a normal person would say to them “you’re an ass”, but no my weird ass has to go, get up and talk to the girl, and because the girl is “Good Looking” she has the attitude like any other beautiful woman has. She is nice to me, we have a conversation, I get the number, and then I don’t ever speak to them again. I don’t know why I do that, it’s just a habit that I picked up from somewhere, I don’t know.

Now does this happen all the time? No it doesn’t. There is the usually surprising time, that one time out of ten attempts, that there is this one girl that I look at and just stop all thinking from the big thing called a brain. And when that happens then there is no telling what I’m thinking. And that’s the time you usually see my mouth open in public. And I attribute all of this sadness to my one trait that is more notable (other than the loud one), my shyness. And the girl that I am usually attracted to knows that I am the shyness person in the world. And the situation around this one is kind of funny. Now I won’t state any names cause yall don’t need to be all up on her like that. But she rolls in this group of four girls. Now in this group there are three light skin girls and one dark skin one. (And of course she is light skin). I know one of the other light skin girls, and the dark skin girl (first name basis that’s it). People who go to Shaw University knows who I am talking about. And all my friends were looking at me crazy. They were like “Why her?”, well it was because I thought she was something special. I don’t know it was just that I noticed her at the beginning of school and I couldn’t really talk to her, because one my game plan I promised to myself, and two she had too many dudes was all up on her already.

People who know me know that I don’t like to get into too many situations with dudes. All that is not working for me. And I don’t know how, why or where it came from but I just felt this over needing sensation that I needed to talk to her. And we had little conversations here and there, but you know nothing really materialized. So basically its like whatever now. I mean we still are going to be friends, but I still cant help to think about that wasted attempt. But you know me there is always someone else. There are too many fish in the sea for this fisherman to be concentrating on just one of them. And its safe to say that it happened again. I thought I could get rid of that by now, Dammit! Human emotions sucks sometimes, you know that, but hey I learned and moved on. Too bad to cause she was really cute. And everything happens for a reason. Maybe I didn’t…. you know what, something will come out of all this.

It almost never does, but I’m confident that there will be something good.


Now I’m like any other man or woman in this world. I either believe in something or I don’t. Now there is no question I know there is a higher spirit. Now what I usually think s the tough part. People that know me, don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m still Baptist. But there is a lot of stuff that I thought as a kid growing up. A large one is that hey if there is a GOD why isn’t there any scientific proof of it. And then as I grew older I was taught even though there isn’t any proof that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. So basically I’ve been confused the last couple years. That was before I saw “The Passion of Christ”. Now I here this and that everyday about: what Jesus looked like, where Jesus is from, and all that good stuff. But one thing that remained the same, which people forget is that, whether or not you believe Jesus Christ to be the messiah or not, this man still sacrificed himself for all of mankind. Now I don’t know the bible through and through but I still don’t know why people are fighting. The bible to me simply states the beginning of everything, why we got kicked of the Garden of Eden, the teachings and the coming of Jesus Christ, and ten simple laws we should abide by. And it’s not hard laws either, its simple ones like honor thy father and thy mother, don’t steal, and all that good stuff. Now I know no one on this earth is.

We can’t abide by all Ten Commandments. And GOD knows this. That’s why it’s hard for me to turn on the T.V. every day to hear about suicide bombings, or people fighting over land. Now I know life is much more complicated than just saying yeas and no. But sometimes when I look at T.V. or read the newspaper, I wonder to myself, what is the real purpose of man. To kill one another because we want land, because we can’t help another person out. I guess all in all you must do like I learned, believe in HIM, and he will send signs that he exists. Cause I know that I have seen some in some bad times. And what scares me the most is that people don’t actually realize that there are many signs out there, like the “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, to me that stuff does exist and that is a clear sign that he exist. So does the Devil. But you know I believe in him, but you know for all those other people, you can make your assumptions like the end of the movie, make your judgment in fear and trembling.

Simply because I know I did.

Plus Seized Women

Now over my break I had some spare time on my hands. (Too much if you ask me). And I was watching Tyra Banks talk show. Now on this show Tyra dressed up as a plus seized woman, and went out into public for the day. Now I don’t know how this little experiment helped other people, because really she didn’t do anything. Well anyway as the day went on Tyra had these different situations. Like one was a blind date that she went on. Matter of fact she went on three of them. And every time the guy was being an ass. And at the end she told them, like they won the lottery or something, that she was Tyra Banks. Now that has to be the dumbest experiment that I have ever seen on T.V. But I have to give it up to Tyra because she dared to show what the outside world it was like to be a plus seized woman. Now I don’t agree with being over weight or anything like that, but I don’t approve of people, who by the way are better than no one else on this planet, treat large people. Now I must say I’m not even close to being innocent. Now I mess with my bigger friends, the guy ones not the girls, I’m not that stupid to get my ass kicked, I call them fat ass and everything like that.

But its in a certain context, like they know I’m just messing with them. Because they call me many things like pretzel man, and my scrawny ass as so they like to call me. But keep in mind I say this to people like my guy friends, never the girl friends. I have large girl friends like everyone else does. And I treat them the same as I treat all my other friends. I mean I still follow the same little rule that I always follow. “Do unto others, as you want others to undo to you.” That will never change. So you will never hear Devon Christopher Young utter harmful words to anyone that has emotional attachments. Well I will at least try not to. As for the other point of that show that kept getting some heat. The dating part. The question so frequently asked was would you date a large woman? And my answer to that was a simple no. I mean not because I don’t like them as people, but simply they are not my type. Now hanging out you know that’s a different story. You want to go hang out at the mall, go chill at a club, I mean yeah by all means lets go hang out. I don’t have a problem with hanging out with you. So all in all plus seized women are my friends. Cause I don’t believe in racism, and being mean to them is just another form of racism. And that’s the last acceptable form of racism left.

So lets get rid of it.

Being A Big Brother

Some say that my life is hard, and some say I have a pretty easy life. I would say that they are both right. In a sense life is as hard, or easy as you make it. And lord knows I had those up days and those down days. But there are those days where you don’t expect. Like one minute you’re smiling and having fun, and the next is complete hell. See that’s what it is like being an older brother. Now some of you are saying well I have a younger brother or sister and I’m just fine. Well my case is kinda different. See I have two semi-teenage brothers and its hard help raising them. And ever since I left for college they seem to be getting older and older as each day passes. Now I have a little, little brother. He’s twelve years old. Now for some reason he has this very high opinion of himself that he is like rich and powerful. I don’t know where he got that personality from. Its so bad, its to the point where I cant help him. Its like you cant tell him that he’s wrong and everything that he says is right. He is always constantly over talking someone in a conversation just to get his point across, and he is always complaining when he doesn’t get his way with something. Now its funny I know my mother doesn’t act like that, and his father sure doesn’t act like that.

My other little brother (his older brother) is nowhere close to acting like that, I sure in gods name don’t act like that, and my older brother doesn’t act like that. Now I sit here and think to myself, what can I do to help him. And the simple answer is nothing at all. Now I grew up in the country hood as I like to call it. I went to a school where it was either get your ass whooped or whoop some ass. Now that’s another story on the other hand. But it’s the fact that I was exposed to something like that, early in my life, that help me be the person I am today. I want my brother to understand that everything is not about him. Its about everybody as a whole. It’s like one big chain reaction. When he tells an officer that no he didn’t speed and the officer wants to simply tell him not to do it again, and my brother is constantly cutting off the cop, what’s going to happen?

Well it’s like the next time the cop stops some one then he is not going to waste time hearing what they say and then be very belligerent towards the person, and the person could be having a sort of bad day, and from that one little instance with the cop could send him over the top. He could then go home and kill his wife, and himself. And then there is a family grieving, all because my brother wanted to give the cop a hard time who gave someone else a hard time, which went out and killed someone. Now am I over exaggerating, yes I am. But it’s the simple things like that could actually happen. And I don’t want my brother to be that kind of person anyway. So regardless of what he does I will always be there to try and help, why because I am a big brother.

And to me that’s the hardest job in the world.

Beautiful Women

Well this was an interesting conversation I had with two of my friends. Now what was interesting to me was the question and the response that I got from them. They asked me, “Devon who do you think the most beautiful woman in the world.” And I said “Easy, my mother.” Then they proceeded to slap me on the back of the head and say that was not the answer they were looking for. So I asked them who they thought the most beautiful woman in the world was and one said Halle Berry, and the other said Jennifer Lopez. And I asked why they thought that and they said the common answer you would normally get. They are fine and thick and banging. They asked me the question again. And I thought for a minute. And then I said, “Kyla Pratt.” What! Come on I’m a guy, you should’ve seen that one coming. Hahhaha no but with all seriousness, you hear it time after time, why does the media depict all these beautiful women and set the standard their.

Only for in a couple of years a new standard is set and more women try to be like that. Well one that’s a little thing called business, and two that’s just human nature. The media, any and every day, creates this “perfect” woman. They flaunt her all around T.V. guys see her and automatically want her. So other normal women go out and buy all these clothes so they can look just like them, or try to live up to the standard. Only to be replaced five minutes later with another girl, or another higher standard. To me beautiful women are those that are their own woman. Like my friend Shonna, in her own words, and I quote “I try to be nothing for no one, if you don’t like me or what you see I don’t give a damn, because some other guy will like what they see.” And five seconds after that she’s telling me to stop touching her ass.

But the world could use a little more girls like that. I see them all the time at Shaw, I see the Kiera Ford’s, the Shonna Rich’s, the lovely Eve’s, and do I even dare say the complicated, but the always intriguing Ebony Chase’s. There are a whole bunch of girls like that at my school, but if you put those same girls in the pot with the rest of the women of the world, they would get drowned in a pool of Brittany Spear, Christina Milian, and Beyonce wannabe’s. A real beautiful woman is not judge by the size of their chest, the height of their body, and do I even dare say the color of their skin. A real beautiful woman is judge by the actions she does everyday. Like the way she screams at the top of her lungs to get a point across, or the way she walks across the street when it is raining. Or how she cries during the Lion King. Those are the things that makes a beautiful woman, beautiful. Well at least that’s how I see it.

But then again how are those women supposed to be found by guys like me, when there are other guys looking solely on the outside, and never to the inside. Well the answer to that is simple, there not. All because the media hides all the good looking women in the back. In the libraries, in classes, behind work counters and cash registers. Not on music videos and magazines.

Real women are made by God, not made on T.V.

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