The Prayer II By DMX

Let us pray

Insidious: Chapter 3 Movie Review

I didn't really like this movie.

KRITically Acclaimed Tour!

I had the extreme pleasure of checking out one of my favorite artists on tour this past weekend. It's no coincidence that I did a write up about Big K.R.I.T. for My Favorite Rap Artists series for the month of October. I knew that I was going to check out his show in advance and I wanted to give you guys a warm up to this posting. If you haven't checked that out, go read that first if you don't know who he is and see why I think he's one of the best out right now. But as for the rest of you, the show was pretty awesome and if I had the chance to do it again, I would definitively check out the show.

Elite of The Week Feature!

You guys know that I'm very humbled anytime I'm recognized by any great blogger that I know or any group that decides to feature me. With that being said I want to take time to thank one of the groups that got me back into the groove of blogging and that's The Blogging Elite. I've met some pretty cool bloggers through this group and they are very supportive when I reach out to other bloggers for certain questions that I may have. I've told the creator @TiffanyKhyla of Endless Bliss often how much I credit her blog for motivating me in the very early stages of me deciding to get back into blogging. So with this recognition it feels pretty great and that I'm still on the right path to my blogging goals. So I thank everyone over at the Blogging Elite for their hard work and dedication for keeping that group up and running so smoothly, it's greatly appreciated! I am honored and humbled for this feature!

50 New NC Law's Reaction

So recently North Carolina, the state that I live in at the current moment, passed some laws into effect that I felt like I need to comment on. Some were a little out there while others seemed to be on par for what they were supposed to be. Here are ten laws that I took notice to when I was scrolling down the list; you can check the rest out here: 50 New NC Laws.

NC State Fair 2K15

So this is the first time I've been to the fair since that unfortunate accident that resulted in a death, and it was a pretty nice day. The good lord smiled down and blessed me with a relatively cool day that required my light jacket and the crowd wasn't too bad to start with. The lines for the rides were decent, except for the fact that the one ride that I didn't really want to get on, (but was forced to), I didn't actually didn't get to ride because I weighed too much. Haha, I'm not the least bit sorry about that one! But for the most part the lines for the rides weren't bad the ones that I got on were actually pretty cool as well. Just know that when you go there plan on spending about $60 on tickets if you're planning to actually ride a ride. Rides were better than they looked as well and they all surprised me to be honest.

The Bears Den

Sometimes people just want you to fail. 
Except your really good friends. 
I've always known who my best friends were.
- Kato Kaelin

There has literally never been a dull moment when it comes to Andrea.

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

I liked this movie.

Bone Tomahawk Movie Review

This movie was kind of messed up once it got going.

All Bark & No Bite

Recently I was subjected to a way of thinking and situations that I actively avoid these days. I use to be unhappy, I use to hate every single day and I use to hate being around the people that I HAD to be around. Then that all changed when I made the conscience decision to be happy with myself and make my life that much better. The day I took my life back is the same day I was blessed with the vision to see and understand who people were well before they even finished their first sentence. It's not judging by any stretch of the imagination, it's called using what you've seen and been through in your life to make an accurate assessment of one's character. Now I'm not saying once I see that they aren't any good I just don't deal with them, I actually keep them at arms length and I wait and see if they shoot themselves in the foot, which they usually do.

Black Is The New Black Guest Post x Interview

So I had the extreme pleasure of doing a guest post and subsequent interview with Black Is The New Black blog. If you aren't following me on twitter by chance, *cough cough* @ColdKnowledge *cough cough* shameless plug, then you probably haven't caught my tweets on it's importance within the online community. There are dozens of blogs circulating around on how to do most things or the latest scoop on something, but there are few blogs that actually report things that matter such as the current climate in America regarding race relations. It's no brainier that it's not a lot of blogs like this around because people are scared to actually talk about these things still, but BITNB is definitely not scared to go there at all.

Words To Live & Die By

I'm not one to laugh at people, but after reading When Blogging Goes Wrong: Writing About Men The Men You Date I had a nice little chuckle to myself. It was about 2002 when I learned my lesson about writing on certain things when it deals with dating and my personal life. Even now I still feel the backlash on a couple of blogs just because people think that I'm talking about them. That's just the nature of the beast sometimes when you deal with blogging about how you feel and the results of those feelings. Sometimes people understand that you're not talking about them and even if you are, you had the decency and enough smarts not to mention them by name or be too specific about situations. That's what sets us apart from people that just write about gossip all day long, it's what makes us writers.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Black Lives Matter Speech

Black lives matter. Black citizens matter. Black families matter.
- Elizabeth Warren (2015 Edward M. Kennedy Institute speech)  

This speech kind of came out of nowhere.

The Halloween Blog

Well it's that time of the year where people dress up and pretend to be other people and go out and get drunk in the process.

No this is not Comic Con either, nerds.

Forever To Thee | My Head Ball Coach

Much is being made about Steve Spurrier stepping down from the head coaching position during the middle of the season and arguably the most critical point of the year. Most call him a quitter and that he is a coward for giving up, while others are saying that he simply isn’t cut out for the job anymore. I simply say that my Head Ball Coach doesn’t owe anyone anything and has more than lived up to his name while coaching the University of South Carolina Football Team. He came in and changed a team that was one of the laughing stocks of football into a national contender for a lot of his years and I’m happy with the level he brought the University to with what he had to work with.

Tomorrowland Movie Review

So the other day I wrote a post about Tomorrowland entitled "Warning From Tomorrowland" in which I discussed a major plot point and speech by Hugh Laurie's character David Nix. If you haven't read that post yet then I implore you to do so because I consider it one of my better posts. But since that post was originally suppose to be a movie review that turned into that then it's only right that I rightfully review this movie as it's suppose to be.

The Truth About Depression & Addiction

You never escape it.

The Ambitious Man Interview

So the lovely Ms. Natalie over at Quietly Ambitions asked me to be apart of her awesome Ambitious Man series. It highlights men that are doing pretty amazing things in their life or in their community. I had to fortunate pleasure of being interviewed because of my great work here on Cold Knowledge. During the interview we touched on a vast array of topics that include some stuff about my dreams, goals and struggles that I've endured going after them. It's a great interview that I was happy to do with an amazing writer.

First Award Nods! | Black Weblog Awards

What A Time To Be Alive!

Warning From Tomorrowland

This movie wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.

A Nice Hot Cup of Tea

You meet the best people ever at the most random times of your life.

Going For Broke, I'm All In

Pain heals. 
Chicks dig scars. 
Glory ... lasts forever.
- Shane Falco

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Movie Review

This was pretty much like all movies in the middle of a trilogy, a set up to the final encounter.

Nona Lisa

Let me tell you guys about a can't miss human being.

Pixels Movie Review

This movie wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, maybe I'm just saying that because I paid a dollar to see it. But to me the movie was pretty decent for what it was made to be, a family movie. It took elements from old video games, digitized them and added some corny scenes for the sake of being corny because you know, family movie. I don't really understand when critics come and say this movie has no plot line or it was just too corny, well guys because it was made to be that way because you know, family movie.

06' Til Infinity

This is the reason why I started writing these posts, Tiffany literally gave me this idea

Top 10 Horror Movies

Now I will be the first to tell you wholeheartedly that I'm a punk when it comes to scary movies and watching them. But just like anyone else I can't help myself and I still decide to subjugate myself to the mental torture of ghosts and other supernatural beings that I'm sure somewhere in the bible told me not to look at. But at the end of the day I've seen my fair share of horror movies and while some scared me senseless and others just had me laughing, these are the ones that I would watch over and over again because they weren't scary, but rather enjoyable because they were so stupid and over the top.

So without much further ado, here are my top ten horror movies:

Break Everything By Antonia | Debut Single Review

Today is the day!

Amber Janae's Self Love Sunday Blog Series Review

So @WhoIsAmberJanae is back on the blog again with another great series, (check out The Man Fast Series Review here), and I love this one! This time around is her awesome series Self Love Sunday and I love it because it's one that gets your mind all the way together for the start of the working week. There are a some really good ones in there that spoke to my poor little soul when I needed it the most. The part that I really relate to is where she manages to mix in her religious belief so well that you don't notice that she's teaching you something until you see bible verse thrown in there. So if you're looking for a great way to start your week, then go ahead and check out these posts on Sundays. I've included all of her posts so far in the series, (as of this writing), so you can get an idea of what it's about.

The Martian Movie Review

So this movie was a nice surprise.

My Favorite Rap Artists, Vol. 10 | Big K.R.I.T.

Belittled as a peasant, but my bloodline is of kings.
- (As Small As A Giant, 2010)

This is the embodiment of the southern way. Out of the new generation of MC's taking over the game J. Cole is undoubtedly my favorite, but K.R.I.T. is starting to challenge him for that spot. Since the beginning of the year K.R.I.T. has only grown on me and my ever changing taste in music. When the year started I was bumping Cadillactica religiously and telling people routinely that he put out the second dopest album of last year after Cole. After Cole & K.R.I.T. dominated my ears, I gave Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise heavy spin because, women problems. Then after that I gave Drake a little run, but then it all came back to K.R.I.T. and I found myself digging through his discography and watching videos on YouTube that I didn't know existed. It was so dope finding all of the gems from an artist that I personally took for granted.

October 2015

Wow, September turned out to be a great one.