Melanie Woods

So when you become older, you learn things. You learn that losing a lot of things is the same thing as gaining a lot of other things. That's the beauty in becoming an adult, that if you make it through your teens and early 20's unscathed, you essentially combine all of life's disappointments and setbacks into little concrete blocks and you slowly use them to build a staircase towards your purpose. Few learn these lessons because they ultimately fall trap to external forces that seek to keep them in the same predicament that they are in. But those few people that manage to make it out, that manage to be broken, stepped on and looked down in some part of their life that makes them feel less than adequate, well those people are ultimately blessed to experience such pain because they know it made them into a better person that even they didn't see coming.

As I slowly exit out of my late 20's and venture into my early 30's the one valuable lesson that I was always taught in life by adults that care about me is starting to come true. That piece of advice, that no matter how much you care about people, no matter how much you want to see them succeed and grow, you can't make them learn the lesson, the only thing you can do is give them advice and  then let them be who they are going to be. At the end of the day you're going to be you, that's the only thing that you can control. The more you grow as a person and the more that you try to learn from your mistakes and be mindful that everyone around doesn't think the way that you think, you'll be just fine. Everyone doesn't benefit from growth like you do and not everyone will want to until it's too late and they start regretting who they are the decisions that they made their whole life.

The ones that choose to grow and learn are the ones that you will want and will ultimately stay in your life.

I say all of that because that's what Melanie embodies, she embodies growth, change, hope, love and aspiration. She aspires to be the best person that she can be, she's growing in that mold of someone who has been through a lot in her teens, early 20's, heading into her early 30's. And all the while she has been through all of that she still believes in love and has the hope still burning in her heart. She's one of those rare people that you hear me talking about all of the time. In today's age in regards to people close to me in age, there are few dreamers and doers left due to the fact that the world is changing ever much so for the worse. But that's not how Melanie and I choose to see it, there is some good left within it. The fire that she has that burns well within her heart will not allow her to succumb to the existential pressures that the world is creating.

The more the world becomes intent on being harsh on it's inhabitants and each other, the better she becomes at life.

Now I will admit that it took some work to convince her that she has all of the tools to become a great writer, and through a lot reluctance and chasing down, she finally delivered work that will stir your heart. She embodies everything that Cold Knowledge is; teaching lessons about adversity, pain and will being broken while letting you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can get there as long as you don't give up. I can go on and on about how awesome Melanie is and I could produce multiple reasons as to why you should check her work out, but I would rather you just click on the links below and read them because she is definitely worth the look. You can also check out her twitter here (@Saddity_86) to give feed back or just follow her awesome posts, also her Instagram here (@Saddity_86) just in case you want to stare at her awesome beautiful face lol.

So it's with great humility that I present to you guys Ms. Melanie Woods, I know you won't be disappointed in her work.

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