Reminiscing With The Present

Back in 2015 I dropped a blog called Reminiscing With The Past that dealt with giving advice with my younger self. It was basically coming from the point of view of the current version of me at the time and it was offering advice from everything that I learned. So naturally a part two would make sense but this time around I'm giving advice to my current self. Last entry was very well received so I'm hoping that this one will be too.

If you haven't checked out the first entry you can do so by clicking the link above or read this one straight through and then click the link at the bottom. Let me know what you think in the comments per the usual. I would love to know if there is any advice you guys would have to give your current selves if you were in the same position as I am in this post.


We Don't Play House

So I was minding my own business one day, off in my own little world, doing nothing but enjoying my alone time when I received a text about an article someone read on Facebook. Now I don't usually pay attention to anything on Facebook if it doesn't involve my blogging and certain posts pertaining to my family, so I was just kind of like meh when Wife & Husband Duties Yous Should Totally Avoid Doing While Dating was suggested to me by a friend.

A.A.A., Part 2

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
- Winston Churchill

One of the most common things that tend to hold people back from great success is their attitude. Great success is obtained two ways, it's either given to you or you have to make great sacrifices to achieve it. More times than most it's you making great sacrifices, but a lot of people don't understand that point though. They don't understand that in order to get something great sometimes you have to do things that you feel is beneath you or that you would never in a million years think you would do. Tears, sweat, blood are just some of the things that will come at a great cost. Any and everything is up for grabs when it comes to success.

How To Approach A Woman

*Note: This blog has been sitting in my completed folder for the last 4 years. I never really thought to post it because I already have something similar to that effect, How To Pick Up A Respectable Black Woman. So I didn't really see a need to post it, but I said what the hey and let it fly, I hope you guys enjoy it.*

I'm Blessed & Highly Favored

This post isn't what you think it is.

During my 30 years of living on this planet I've come in close proximity to President's, famous athletes, musicians, actors and actresses. If I took as many pictures as I should have then there would be a wall of who's who in my home like no other. I've also been blessed to meet some extraordinary "ordinary" people in my everyday life that inspires me to be an all around better person. I would even go as far as saying that I've met more positive people on this planet than negative ones; even when I was deployed in Iraq.

Deadpool Movie Review

I'm so happy this movie was finally made.

While I love other superheros in the vast world of comic books, it's superheroes like Deadpool that make me enjoy them. Breaking the proverbial fourth wall is one of my all time favorite things a character can do. With Deadpool it's a constant thing that he does and every single time that he does it only gets better. Then there's the whole deal with him being able to pretty much beat anyone up, (when he's being serious that is). Oh yea, and the pretty cool costume that could totally be worn if I was a trained assassin in this day and age. He has all the makings of a comic book anti-hero that deserves his own movie.

Which brings me to this movie review.

Rebuilt In Silence

There's a certain power in being able to be alone.

I know there are a lot of people out there that constantly tell me that being alone as much as I am isn't healthy, that too much time alone will ultimately hinder me socially awkward and introverted. They told me that I would end up alone, bitter, angry, scared and depressed. That I wouldn't know how to effectively communicate with other humans and that my job performance would suffer immensely from not having enough time to practice talking to other people. They told me that it would destroy me until there was nothing left to destroy.

Black History In Television | The List

Hey there guys and gals!

I'm back again for another quick rundown of some entertainment in African American history. Last time I ran down a complete list of movies that were black made entitled Black History In Movies | The List. Here I'm going to give you guys a list of sorts full of well known black television shows, some forgotten goodies and probably some that you've never heard of.

The Good, The Bad & Cam Newton

Funny how much only 24 hours can make in your life.

Set Your Mind Free: A Letter To My Writers

Write about every single thing.

Even if you don't post it or share it with anyone else, write about who you are, the real truth about who you are, and mean every single world of it. It may sound scary but I guarantee if you can be truthful with yourself, flaws and all, you'll make for a far better writer than you would have ever imagined for yourself. There's a certain unlocking code to your inner most desires and ambition when you free your mind of useless clutter and old emotions. For me writing has been God sent ever since the day I decided that I'm going to write for myself. When I decided to write the truth about everything that I know and see, was the same time I started coming into my own.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Just use your heart and brain, it's not that hard.

For some odd reason people ask me about relationship advice all of the time. Every single time they ask me what they should do in a particular situation, I tell them the same exact thing: know your partner. But for some people that doesn't always translate into actual advice since they need someone to tell them what to do versus being creative and using their own brain for a change. That's pretty annoying at times but I'm here to offer one piece of advice on Valentine's Day since I'm asked about what kind of gift a person should get for someone.

Humble Pie Is For The Crows

I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, through and through.

I had to make that known for the simple fact that I like to remind people I don't cheer for any other team but my own; regardless of what's going on. I know there are a lot of people that don't understand that concept but I believe in loyalty and that's where mine resides. Another thing that I don't care too much for is all of the nonsense surrounding Cameron Newton. There's so much to say about this whole situation that I feel like I shouldn't even say anything for the simple fact that I don't want to waste my time or breath speaking on the idiots that want to criticize everything that he does.

My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 2 | R. Kelly

Let's get into the controversial pick of mine early in this game.

I already know the reasons as to why a lot of people won't ever listen to R. Kelly, and I do not blame them at all. I can't say that I'm not one of those people that are totally disgusted at all of the evidence against him, but the fact still remains, I listen to his old music. I won't apologize for it, nor will I make excuses for it either. I listen to his music because it's a choice of mine and if the day comes when I decide not to listen anymore, then we had a good ride together, Robert.

Return To Cybertron

I'm proud of Calvin Johnson.

In life no one is going to know what's best course of action for you other than yourself and whoever you pray to. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do; that doesn't always mean everyone is going to like what you do.When you're in a situation where you're doing something because it's going to benefit YOU in a positive manner, there's always going to be a group of people that won't understand your decision.

February 2016

We are officially one month into 2016!

While most people won't notice it or care to, this month is the bridging month towards Spring and that makes me the happiest man in the world knowing that. I definitely need a change in climate because the winter months are always the worse for me, (even though I'm Scorpio born in November). For the longest I was feeling off, like my energy was low and I was always tired. That translated into me not being able to do some stuff I set out to do within the first of the year. A lot of people were starting to notice that I wasn't around as often as they're use to, and there's a great reason for that.