Lauren Gayle

Hailing from the other side of the Pond, Ms. Lauren Gayle.

I've actually known Lauren for a couple of years now through the great inventions of Instagram and Twitter. We've built a pretty great friendship between the two of us as the result of that, and she hasn't been a let down since she's came into my life. I have to point out that the fact that I'm American and she thinks I have an accent, and she's a Brit and I think she has an accent has to be one of the funnier points of our conversations, but her voice is simply to die for, as just is her beauty.

But what separates her from the crowd is the fact that she's, Lauren. I can't really explain exactly who she is as a person because she's not meant to be put in a single box, category, label, whatever you want to call her, you can't. She's intelligent, outgoing, eclectic, a social butterfly and on the same foot she's down to earth, funny, family oriented and insightful. That's why I chose her biography picture, because she has that many cool sides to her. Basically she has all the ingredients to be a great blogger and an even better person. Unlike my first two collaborators Nicole & Adrianna she actually has her very own blog at JustLaus that I would like her to write more on, *cough cough*.

So she's not a beginner in any sense of the word. So when I approached her about writing something for my blog and she jumped at the idea, I was nothing short of excited. When we have our talks and just shoot the nonsense, I'm always entertained and captivated by what she has to say, even more so when we FaceTime each other, so I'm confident when she writes, you'll enjoy it as well.

I welcome Ms. Lauren to Cold Knowledge, and I'm happy to have her writing for you guys to enjoy her content. If her writing just does it for you and want to discuss it with her, she can be found here on twitter (@JustLaLaLaus) or on Instagram (JustLaus).

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