Guest Posts

Nothing brings me a greater pleasure than having my work posted to other great blogs. Initially I was nervous about having my work out there for people to be critical of but after much convincing I was talked into sharing my posts that I write that fit perfect on other sites. I want to thank all of the creators of these awesome blogs for featuring me and liking my work enough to share with their viewers, it's truly a humbling experience to be able to do that in the first place. Also I welcome the opportunity to spread my wings and write about things that may be out of my comfort zone, every single time I give 200%, no more and no less.

Here you can find the sites that I work close with and direct links to the posts that I've written. I hope you guys enjoy them and the sites that they are posted on. If you like the work I've done or you become fans of the sites that I've contributed to, then give a shout in their comments on their blog, I'm sure they'll appreciate the support and love.

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