Audriana Smith

Ah, I finally got Audriana to write for the site.

Whether she's blogging for her site TheeSouthernBelle, running her #TalkAboutItThursday series, or simply tweeting up a storm on her account  @AudrianaLatrice, you can always catch her active on the net, pretty much spreading a positive message while maintaining the ability to have fun as well. Not only is she active on social media, she's active in real life as well with her church, community, being a grad school student, while also running her non-profit organization called Jireh Provides. Needless to say, she does it all and makes it look rather easy most days. Oh yea, it doesn't hurt to mention that she's rather easy on the eyes as well.

The thing that draws me in and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say others as well, is her magnetic personality and never back down attitude. She definitely has a moral base that she's not scared to share and defend when she sees fit. But the flip side of that is she definitely open minded enough to hear your side of the argument, as long as you come correct that is. But all in all she's a very intelligent, funny and a very outgoing person, so talking to her comes easy, if you aren't being weird that is.

I actually wrote a blog review on her site, located here, so I'm not going to say much about her site besides the fact that you need to go check it out. I think by now you guys know that I don't endorse people who aren't the most awesome in the world, and Cold Knowledge is my baby, so I wouldn't just let anyone write a post for her. So the fact that I was waiting on her to write for the site is more enough reason for you to not only check out her posts on here, but to check out her blog and Youtube channel as well, because she has a lot to say that makes sense. You can find all of her information at the bottom of this post as well, don't be afraid to hit her up on twitter because she definitely will have you entertained and informed in the same breath.

I want to welcome Audriana to the site and I hope you guys support her just as much as you support me over the years.

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