How To Pick Up A Respectable Woman

My brothers you need pointers on how to get that perfect woman on your arm & guess what, I'm here to help. So just pay attention and take notes! Here we go!

No woman wakes up saying, "God I hope I don't get swept off my feet today"

All women, regardless of age, or location, women want to be swept off their feet. They want that fairy tale story to tell their friends for ages, to share with their daughters for when they become of age, & most importantly, they need to be swept off their feet because it makes them smile forever. Whether it's making an ass of one’s self, or taking them from a bad situation to a better one. If you can sweep her off her feet, then she's going to remember you for the rest of her life. but if you're sitting there saying to yourself guys: "I can't do that with every girl, I'm just not that smooth", just remember this one little important fact:

No matter what, no matter when, no matter who, 
Any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. 
He just needs the right broom.

I cannot stress how true this statement is. I don't care how butt ugly you are, if you're well put together, meaning that you're dressed like a hot mess, you aren't speaking like you're in a Lil Boosie or Go-Go video, & you have some kind of sense, then she'll give you some time. The only reason she wouldn't is because she's currently involved with someone already or She is just getting out of a relationship. Remember guys, most of these women play the game better than you can, that meaning, what you're saying, she probably heard five times today already. Remember the basic principles:

60% of all human communication is non-verbal, body language.
30% is your tone.
90% of what you're saying ain't coming out of your mouth.

Which is kind of not fair, right? Wrong. Guys when you look at a girl, what’s the first thing that you notice after her butt, chest, or face? You notice what they have on, what they're talking on, or what's attached to their ear. The only thing different with women is that they look at what you have on, & they don't say he's cute, they're trying to decide whether or not you're worth dealing with. & 90% of the time, girls will give you a chance, No matter how little or how short the time frame is, they will give you a chance. So it's up to you to say all the right things. But again you're saying: "Well my game isn't that tight to approach a beautiful girl". Guys remember:

You cannot use what you do not have, so if you're shy, be shy. 
If you're outgoing, be outgoing.

But whatever you do, be yourself! I cannot stress that enough, but if you're completely honest from day one, then you have nothing to worry about. Everyone has secrets or problems, & you don't need two personalities complicating things. Plus you never know what would happen if you act shy, she might like it, even might think it's cute. Just breath, relax, & be yourself. but before you go up & engage in conversation, just remember one thing:

She may not want the whole truth, but she does want to real you.
She may not want to see it all at once, but she does want to see it.

Overwhelming a person is a lot when you first meet them. You might even scare some of them off. Don't give her a lot; just give her enough to be interested to come back & learn more. It would also help that you're more than one dimension. I'll say on average the first conversation with a woman will last about five minutes. That will be the longest five minutes in your life, I guarantee it. If you can make her crack a smile or even laugh most of the conversation, then you'll see her again. Remember, don't make the conversation any longer than what it needs to be. say what you have to say, get to the point, & find a way to leave the conversation smoothly. instead of asking her for her phone number, switch it up on her; say something like "I would really like to take you out sometime & have a nice conversation over dinner." She's going to be interested for many reasons. But that's not important right now. overall if you follow what I say, then you guys are already on your first date. But before you go out on your first date, remember something:

Tonight, when you're wondering what to say, how you look,
Or if she likes you, just remember, she is already out with you.
That means she said yes, when she could have said no.
That means she made a plan when she could have just blown you off.
So that means it is no longer your job to try to make her like you.
It is your job not to mess it up.

Pretty much self-explanatory. But one last piece of advice for after the date.

64 and clear, walk a little, ask her how she liked the movie, 
What was her favorite part, and when she answers don't look at her mouth, 
And don't wonder what she looks like naked. 
Then you'll have something better to say then "I like your mouth."

Tonight is about her. So pay attention to her, show her that you're willing to listen. All women need attention, especially these days & after that, nature takes it's course. Everything falls into place. It may not be as crystal clear as you thought it would be, but it should be something special. & if you're reading this guys & you're still not convinced, then here's one last bit of advice:

With no guile & no game, there's no girl.

(All quotes taken from the 2005 movie Hitch starring Will Smith.)
  1. Hmm, nice blog.
    & I just watched that movie the other day.
    Gotta love Will! :)


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