Dark Days, Clear Nights | Meet Mr. Right

Ok, on the last one I talked about love. But this time around I’m going to talk about something that has to do with love. Well what could that be? Well it could be a lot of stuff, but what I’m going to talk about is that guy in your life. Yes I’m talking about your Mr. Right. That guy that’s there in your life, the guy that stabilizes your life, helps run everyday problems with you, help provide with you, basically he completes you. That is a pretty loaded statement when someone says, "who is Mr. Right". That can vary from situation to situation because everyone is different, they have different preferences, they want different things. what may work for you may not work for her or him. But there are some basic things that Mr. Right has in his DNA. Stages if you will. All the way from the basics, to the most important. So why don’t we talk about them shall we:

5. Common Courtesy | Now even the most thuggish & roughest of them knows that all women deserve at least a little common courtesy. Whether it's holding doors, getting things for them when they didn't ask, hell you can even pull out a chair. Mr. Right shows some kind of common courtesy. It's not apart of his game, It was something that he was taught as a kid. If an opportunity passes for him to perform an act of random common courtesy, then he feels bad until he gets a chance to redeem himself. Sounds kind of corny & unlikely, but it's true. Real men take things like this seriously. You can't go wrong with a guy who wants to do things like this for you, just because. This stage of Mr. Right most guys have, in the southern hemisphere, lol. Sorry New Yorkers & those that reside in the DMV area, lol. 

4. Brains | Ahhh a very, very, very, important aspect of Mr. Right. But it's not the most important one though. Now when I say brains, I don’t necessarily mean that he has to be a freaking rocket scientist, or a neurologist. No when I say brains, that is really a cover up for common sense. Now why didn't I just say common sense, well that's because real common sense comes from some sort of intelligence. See common sense is nothing more than different patterns learned throughout life from different experiences & applied to similar situations in a careful & well thought out way. See why I said brains now. Any who, without this then Mr. Right wouldn't take anything he learned from his dumb friends, or anything other girls taught him about the habits of women, therefore causing him to no longer be Mr. Right. It's all a science when you think about it. This stage is in most guys still, but more than some lack this basic thinking skill because of either where he lives, or he's just an ass. Point blank.
3. Loyalty | Now most of you are looking at this like "Huh?", shouldn't this be either first or second? The answer to that question is simply, yes. But there are two other things that are more important than loyalty, we'll get to that later. Loyalty these days is such a flaky word. See loyalty back in our parents day was a word that had meaning behind it. It meant that you knew you had someone to lean on, to pick you up in your time of need. But now a days, it's just another word used to get some tail & the first sight of It. Then the second the relationship becomes bad, that person is up & gone. But not Mr. Right, no no. He understands the Value & importance of this word. Either from a very loving parent, or a situation that messed him over so bad, he vowed he wouldn't want any other girl to feel this pain. Either way you look at it; he's determined to be there for you. Through thick & thin. To get to this stage of Mr. Right, you just might be on to something, & he just might need to stick around for a bit longer.

2. Respect
| Ah, another head scratcher. If it isn't loyalty or respect, then what can be so important, that it just eclipses the other two. Stick around & you'll see. But this is important. There are two kinds of respect, fake respect that most people give just to be polite, & then there is the genuine respect that is garnered from the brain, assisted by the heart & acted through his mouth. Mr. Right will never, ever, & I repeat, ever call you out of your name. Mr. Right will have a sense of respect & brains to know better than to call you some stupid & lame name. His mother taught him better than that. But he also goes along the lines of also doing things like not rushing to have sex, or pressuring you to have it. He is more patient than 97.6% of the guys you dated or know. Basically he wouldn't do anything to you that he wouldn't do to his own mother, grandmother, sister, or any female cousin, that's not sex related of course. But to get to this stage of knowing Mr. Nice you’re probably already talking to him everyday on the phone, & telling all your friends about him. So you know that you have a keeper.

1. Laughter
| And here It Is. The single most important quality, trait, or whatever you want to call it, that Mr. Right has. now for all of you that are currently stuck out there, let me ask you this. How many of the bad times do you remember, ok now I ask you, how many of the good times do you remember? It was my good friend hitch that said "life isn't about how many breathes you take, it's about the moments that take your breath away". You’re going to remember more good than bad. Mr. Right will do any & everything to make you smile, & in order to make you smile, then he has to know you, & know who you are exactly. he's going to bring up things to make you laugh & smile that you didn't know could make you laugh & make you smile, that's his art form. Mr. Right doesn’t have to think about what to make you smile, he just knows. That kind of thinking proves to you right then & there that he has been paying attention to what you’ve been saying all along. & to get to a stage where a guy can make you laugh without even trying, well then, you should try & make sure he's not going anywhere.

Ladies let's be clear on one thing, he's not going to try & be Mr. Right if he doesn't have anything to be Mr. Right for. Without you there wouldn't be guys who think there are still good women left in this world. If you're reading this, agreeing to what I said for the most part, then you could be Ms. Right. & remember, "Ladies know yourself, respect yourself, & most importantly love yourself, & the right guy will come knocking on your door trying to deliver a pizza" lol
  1. "Ladies Know Yourself, Respect Yourself, And Most Importantly Love Yourself, And The Right Guys Will Come Knocking On Your Door Trying To Deliver A Pizza"

    ^lol I couldn't agree more. So many people are focused on pleasing and locking down Mr. Right Now that the idea of a Mr.Right is foreign. The person whi is perfect for you will appear when you least expect them whether they be holding a pizza box or chatting you up in an elevator. Being open and willing to recieve them when they do show up is the tricky part. I always just try to remember that when God closes a door (in terms of love and relations) that he also opens a window. Nice post babe.

  2. First off can I say how refreshing it is to come across a male blogger? seems like you men are so rare and second, this post is deep and it was great read. a true perspective coming from a male himself.

    1. Well thank you mam, it's a pretty hard avenue to crack into but I'm doing well. And I mean hey all men are jerks and there are some that try to do the right thing even though we stumble here and there. Thank you for reading!


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