Rants & Raves II

I'ma let her be by herself in peace
But five years from now I bet she see
When the club gets played
The things you crave are no longer escapes
And no longing for dates
You want a husband, but no one has a cape
Now you wondering "wait"
And I aint trying to hear what you wanting to say
It feels good to be over you, babe
So play this shit while you contemplate
- Wale

You know sometimes you just sit up and wonder what the hell? Like are you speaking to the choir or are you just speaking to the wind. Are you words being heard or are you just wasting your breath. Relationships are a Pain In The Ass, period. But at the same time, they are the best thing that can ever happen to a person. Sadly enough though .. relationships today are convoluted by the fact that no one wants to settle down, but rather be a pimp or a playa. What happened to the good old days where it was cool to have someone special at a young age, walk around holding hands and cuddling in the park?


What has the world come to? Like seriously?

But sometimes one is lucky enough to find something worth holding, but once they find that one thing, that's when the real work comes in. They have to get pass the stages of unknown such as:

1. Is this just infatuation?
2. Something that just happened to look good at the time, but is it?
3. Was it really a quicky, with the cuddling lasted too long?

I say you should know the answers to these things around the third to fourth month. Cause in college time let's face it, six months is a year lol. But none the less, if you make it past that point, is your life truly the same? And the answer to that is ..


Your life is not the same. Your friends are not the same, the things you did yesterday with your home boys are not the same. Face it, to be in a relationship these days, you have to make significant changes to make a sound relationship last. These changes can include, but not limited to things such as:

1. Stop conversing with people you talked to, dated, fucked, or even looked at with interest. | Face it, what good can come from this, like really, what could possibly come out of a person that you use to mess around with. Friends or no friends, whether they're cool or they're not. The person you're in a relationship with will always have a problem with them as long as they're around. Just stop it for Pete's sake!

2. Clubbing, Drinking, & anything else. | You should come to the realization that none of these things apply to you anymore. Like ok seriously, going out to the club with your friends every now and then is not going to hurt, but when you start to go to often, well yea, that's something completely different. That's only going to cause more awkward tension when you go back and say, "oo well I was with my friends at the club a little buzzed & I danced with this one guy like three times, blah blah blah." give it a rest. If you're really serious about your significant other. Then you know it's time to cut back on the clubbing a bit.

3. Texting & Phone Calls | This goes along the lines of number one. Like seriously, anybody that calls or texts you after 11:30 talking about "What's up?" needs to be put in their places immediately. Like what in the blue hell do you think someone wants at that time of the night, everybody is already in a club somewhere, so they're not calling about that. & they're definitely not calling to talk about homework. Come to your senses, they're not good for the health of your relationship.

4. The Meetings | There will be a serious of meetings of friends of the person you're involved with. Just try to be studious and do all the things that you did when you met and attracted the person that you talked to, cause nine times out of ten, the person you talk to, their friends are just like them in some kind of way, so they would probably be the same person in a sense. But if you're going to hang out with someone and you're thinking whether or not you should tell the person you're dating, then the answer to that should probably you're not going. If you have to debate it, it's not worth it.

5. Break Bad Habits | Oohgeez, this a relationship killer. If you don't know how to move past the bad things that held you back from previous relationships progressing, then you're basically screwed. Cause how can you move forward if you're doing the same thing from the past? I know it takes time to break out of these habits, and that's where the patience part of relationships come from, but if you're not even making an effort, then you might want to analyze is that person you're with even worth it since you're not subconsciously trying to change anyways.

But then again, how many people make it to this level? And if they make it to this level, how many of them don't screw it up? Relationships today are about as flimsy as a piece of paper in a monsoon. It's either you're balls in, or you're just buying some time with fake I love you's & constant sex. But hey, let's face it, what's the going rate of divorce now a days, 98% .. and that's if you manage to get past the gay and lesbian population and find you a true straight arrow.


Relationships are something else ..

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