Rants & Raves III

If I don't like it, I don't like it,
That doesn't mean that I'm hatin.
- Common


Wigs And Tracks Sigh .. I saw a debate about which one is better? Umm personally I don't like something that can be snatched off .. or where if I run my fingers through it feels like a football. BUT! I do realize that most girls need something for that hair because it doesn't grow .. so .. I would prefer tracks .. I mean personally wigs just scare the fuck out of me .. lol But I mean idk .. its all just like .. blah to me .. and kind of creepy lol

I'm a little mad that everybody is just now getting tired of the whole Minaj, Barbie, Lewinsky and all those other silly ass names .. smh [Side note: Nikki Minaj voice annoys the hell out of me]


No Ceilings Is kind of lame .. yeaa I said it. Go pick up KiD CuDi's album .. it's well worth the listen and the money .. That is all.

Can someone please tell Rihanna to shut up .. It's the oldest trick in the book .. new album about to come out .. let's create some buzz .. so what does she do .. drag out this her and Chris Brown tired story. Those of us with a brain automatically this is some sort of marketing scheme designed from the minds of both parties cause .. well .. both parties have albums coming out .. but smh .. it's so sad .. I was looking forward to expanding my musical taste with the both of them .. but i i don't know if i can stomach it ..

Speaking of foolishness .. But this whole Jay-Z thing and his subliminal messages .. man I saw the evidence .. and I take it for what it is .. a smart man playing up your emotions. Jay-Z is a very smart guy .. he's prob. just playing with your minds .. but Jay-Z is the only person that knows what he's actually talking about .. so until he admits it or he slips and says something to make me believe otherwise .. I'll just reserve that question for when I meet the big man in the sky.


Ok .. Is it me or is it me or do people seem to float more towards people that are in relationships. Like I use my relationship as a tool to build FRIENDSHIPS .. but some girls just take it too far. And dudes are worse .. they will come at a girl harder because she has a boyfriend. Which in today's world cause about 80.5% of the problems in relationships cause guys have evil intentions .. and the when the girl goes somewhere like a club or house party .. she has a few drinks and then its oo i danced with him and he felt me up .. but we're just friends so don't worry about it .. ummm yeaaa .. you're clearly a dumb ass for believing that .. but hey some people are just dumb in relationships these days, and with everything in a relationship being available to a person .. what's the purpose of staying in one? Life is being lived too fast .. and people are thinking about the moment too much rather than what's down the line. Smh .. sigh .. I guess some people can't handle the pressures of other people coming at them just because they're in a relationship. Is it an age thing or is it simply a mental thing? I don't really know .. but either way .. when people realize what they have .. it will be too damn late.

AND that in turn creates exes .. and people you use to mess around with. They see you're happy with someone .. so they try to float in and give your relationship hell .. and why should they care .. they're not the one's in the relationship. It happens in all relationships .. all the exes and past flings will throw and everything at the relationship to make it not work, and then it usually doesn't because the other person misses the single life which in turn proves the fact that the relationship was never bound to work in the first place. And that in turn will go on for who knows how long til you're all rusty and in your 30's or something and then you regret not trying to make it when you had the chance. But hey .. that's the circle of life we live in today .. everybody wants the quick fix .. no one wants the long road with curves and bridges to ultimately get to their destination .. and those of us willing to drive always end up waiting outside the house we want til we get tired of sitting there or we just end up driving down the long road hoping for a hitch hiker that doesn't come and kill us and that is worth the chance of taking on .. ahh life .. you got to love it.
  1. OMG I so feel you about the Chris & Rihanna thing...somebody had told me yesterday about her coming out & speaking about it..I'm like oh laaaawd. I'm sooo over their whole ike & tina relationship LOL.

    & I also agree with you in the relationships part...people be wild'n in relationships now a days..if that's even what you wanna call it LOL some of the shit the other person does...doesn't make annnnny sense to me..they know damn well if their gf or bf was doing half the shit they do they'd be mad as hell. SMH, but yeah they don't realize until it's way too late to fix anything. They gon' learn one day...or maybe not.


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