Rants & Raves VII

From the moments of pain,
Look how far we done came.
Haters sayin changed,
Now you doin ya thang.
Good Mornin'.
- Kanye West

[[ I guess this is my dissertation homie .. This shit is basic .. Welcome to graduation .. Good Mornin ]] .. well well well .. hello there good people & welcome to the first post of 2014 on the new layout. Look who decided to write another installment of Rants & Raves. I honestly can't believe I did this seven times already. You would've thought by now that I would've figured something out & not been going through the same stupid problems. But such as life is & as Biggie says .. "Mo money, Mo Problems". But a lot of stuff & I mean a lot of stuff has happened and changed since the last installment. Some new people have come around .. & a lot of people, & I mean a lot of people have left. I took some time off from tweeting & facebooking to re-evaluate myself & what I've been doing with my life .. &  [[ You know what .. I figured out I'm not a nice guy .. I Shook Hands .. Kissed babies .. Gave it a nice try .. ]] .. All these different people would love to think that I am a great guy who does all this stuff to be nice and awesome and sweet, which is partially true, but these days I've fully embraced my nonchalant, I don't care attitude. But I guess since [[ My attitude is tattooed .. that means it's permanent .. So I guess we should address it huh? ]] A lot of people are complaining about the way I've been acting recently & say how they hate how cold, anti-social I am these towards them & everyone else. My response to that: "And?". It really bothers me deep down in my soul how people like another person or thing predicate how their mood is. Like if John comes to work & John wants to be left alone, then why are you bothering John. Let John live .. all he wants to do is come to work, then why make a big deal as to why he's not talking to anyone anymore. Evidently he wants to be left alone for good reason. Because at the end of the day while you're sitting around wondering why John acts like that, John is actually thinking [[ With so much personality .. what do you want from me? I can be by myself & enjoy the company ]]. It's not I don't have goals, it's just that I put them on the back burner for people that don't deserve to interrupt my dreams and aspirations. But times are changing and for good reasons. No one can linger in an idle state. But just like anyone else I've had my moments of laziness, but I will say when I'm on it. I'm on it and I plan on getting it back again. I just haven't o get hungry again, [[ & I'm still myself .. & I'mma look in the mirror if I need some help ]].


[[ Cause with my family .. we know where home is .. so instead of sendin flowers .. we the roses ]] I'm so glad that my family is finally getting the chance to see me now that I am out. I love them, and I know they love me. I'm just glad that I'm able to finally get a chance to start my own and go out and do things that enrich my lifestyle instead of sitting around being boggled down with the nonsense & truly unimportant things that come along with serving in the military. I found a nice girl as you can see from my previous posts. She really showed me that x-factor to life that I needed so much. I don't really care if too many people think I post too many pictures of her or whatever .. but basically how I feel about her is [[ High like .. Eye like Mercury .. Why do I mention the solar system .. Cause .. You in my soul & system .. ]] but you'll read more about her later. I really miss my brothers and sister though. So as 2014 rolls in I can bring all my friends and family closer together. I'm also grateful that two of my longtime friends are having kids. So that is going to add another dynamic to the year and beyond. Hopefully no baby fever for me or the misses when we see those cute little critters.

The Army

[[ The plan was to drink til the pain over .. but what's worse .. the pain or the hangover? ]] I'm finally done with the United States Military, well kind of. I'm in the reserves now and even that's kind of annoying because it all seems to come up when some form of fun occurs, but that's the nature of the beast when dealing with the military. I'm just thankful that it's not 24/7 as it once was. I'm glad to be gone, and no parts of me miss it at all, but it is a tad bit annoying when people always say to me: "are you ready to come back in?" umm, no. People don't remember the anguish and just unhappiness that I felt when I was there. I mean I understand it was my duty and all, and I fulfilled my duty to the best of my ability. That's why I can walk away just as happy as I want to be. That's why so many of my battles come to me and ask me how did I do it and the steps to take to get out. And it makes me feel good that I can give them steps and tell them what to do because no one else told me what to do when it was time to get out. I'm really happy that its younger soldiers that I can give advice to keep their head up. [[ Now see .. he remind me of me .. just a year ago .. now he tellin me I'm his hero .. ]] That's how I honestly feel when I see some of them walking around with their heads down and I tell them to pick it up because it's not forever. Then are those people that was wishing bad saying that I won't ever amount to shit without the army because its such a great source of stability and I'm over here sitting thing the whole time, "well how in the hell is everyone else making it out there in the world?" I remember straight up telling one of my former "supervisors" that those mind tricks would work on someone with less confidence or someone who is younger and new to the world, but don't try to kick me some shit when 1.) I know how to excel when given nothing 2.) worked with prior military who told me there are greener pastures on the other side & 3.) I have the love of the lord to help me succeed and do good. I tell younger soldiers all the time don't feed into the nonsense and bullshit. If you want to do 20 years and retire then do 20 years and retire, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to get out and do something else with your life then it's out there, you just have to go and get it. I just tell them to remember that as long as you're in the military  and [[ If you ever wanted to ever be anything .. there will always be somebody to shoot down any dream .. there will always be haters .. that's the way it is .. hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids ]] 


[[ I got seniority with the sorority .. that explains why I love college .. ]] This line explains the love / hate that I had with Raleigh prior to moving back, then something changed, and that change was the city of Raleigh. I decided that when I got out of the military that I was going to do things that made me happy. Not things that made other people happy, not doing things on other people's time, things that Devon wanted to do and wanted to be. So with that being sad, I came back to a city that wanted to be the big dog not only in North Carolina, but in the United States. I was thrilled to learn that they were basically having festivals every week between June and October, there were a multitude of restaurants built in that time span, dozens of concerts that came with high profiled artists, and not to mention there are so many companies coming here to start up. The idea that I initially had was to move here, go to school, spend time with friends and then move to another city, but now, I'm not so sure. Because everything that I want in a place to live is here, a great nightlife, a core group of friends and a opportunities. So I'm really content right now, well that's after I figure out what's going on with this reserves thing if they want to send me to Afghanistan or not, but that's for another time or place. 

[[ We livin the American Dream .. The people highest up .. got the lowest self-esteem. The prettiest people do the ugliest things .. for the road to riches & diamond rings ]] That statement says it all. I'm basically done playing by the rules of others and being there for them all the time. I want to live my life stress and drama free. I want to be more family and friend oriented to the people that have been there and actually doing stuff with their life. It seems like the results of that have me looking at a lot of people from the outside in, and what I see is not good. i noticed that when I stopped messing with the constant complainer, and stagnant people that they do that, remain complainers and stagnant people. I find it amazing at the amount of people that sit around and complain and only look for hand outs, or sympathy. And it's like when I tell them, "I'm sorry, but I don't listen to problems anymore", they laugh like yea right but as soon as they see that I'm serious, it's like damn ok, well let me go back to simping & sulking in my corner. I don't have time for all that, I realized that no day is promised so I'm not going to waste it on people who don't appreciate their daily blessings. If you're reading this and you feel like I'm talking to you, then yes I am, I'm taking a subliminal shot through my post about you and other people. It just bothers me that I sit back and I see so much worry and stress over people and things that don't matter. I see people worrying about people cheating on them, people worried about not getting to the club or the newest shoes. Worried about what artist are beefing on twitter or why the iphone sucks this and that. Ask yourself this, are any of things going to make you a happier, healthier person? Like what do you have going for yourself, and if you don't have that much going, what are you doing to get to the point where you want to be? Most of the time it's nothing, and that just perplexes me. But I learned to live by the statement "to each their own". And it may sound selfish, but I don't care, because right now at this moment in life I want to live and have fun. I want to see stuff and do fun things with people that want to do the same things. I don't have time for the people who don't have the courage to get up off their ass and do something with their lives. I'm all into living and seeing, and I need that support system, so I'm going to weed the people out who don't fit that description, and let's just say that at this point. I'm happy with said objective so far. [[ We'll buy a lot of clothes .. but don't really need 'em .. things we buy to cover up what's inside .. cause they made us hate our self & love they wealth .. that's why shorties holla "where the ballers at?" .. Drug dealer buy Jordan crack .. Kid buy crack & the white man get paid off all of that ]] .. let that sink in for a second. 

[[ Feelin better than some head on a Sunday afternoon .. better than that chick that said yes too soon ]] .. That's all I'm going to say about all the mess and what not going on my TL over on twitter. I think that quote is pretty dead on. Actually I am going to make a comment because the recent things that I see on my timeline is kind of crazy. I don't really know what it is .. The weather .. The times that we live in or what, but there are a lot of chicks out there that have been degrading themselves just for the sake of gaining followers. Like I've been on twitter since 2009 & I've seen it grow into a powerful tool for people hooking up, starting fashion trends, and even make people stars. But lately with girls being depressed and the making of and inevitable destruction of poor Terio, twitter is quickly approaching destruction realm with blackplanet, myspace & Instagram. When you've been around social networking long as I have you know when the end is near for one. But I am glad that a lot of people are actually starting up their own blogs and sharing their own feelings across the net. I also like Pinterest and tumblr, you see some pretty cool ideas and pictures on both sites if you follow the right people. I think that a lot of chicks on twitter would benefit from pushing back the chair and getting away from the screen or putting down the phone and looking up and noticing the world around them. Stop trying to make funny videos for vine and fighting for worldstar and start going out to places with good people and making friends with new ones. It's time to change the conscience of which they use to think.


[[ One good girl is with a thousand bitches ]] .. I'm not new to the game by any stretch of the imagination, but it never ceases to amaze me that the length at which women go to get even or act like a petty patty. Like I don't know what goes off in a woman's mind to take such action against a person that they never wanted in the first place or made the slightest effort to do anything with. I mean I could understand if I we were talking at some point or at the very least hanging out and conversing on a somewhat semi regular basis. But we weren't or ever were for that matter. So when I see stuff like the liking then unliking of a pic or the unfollow, yes boo, I see you but you're not about to get any of this attention that I have because it's reserved for someone else right now. I would respect you more if you didn't say anything and let me live my life. Because to me the base of anything you do with any person in this world is a good standing friendship, so when you act out like that, then that simply makes me realize that we weren't friends in the first place and making the decision to not associate myself with you all that more easier. [[ My uh .. She was gettin the best of me .. But ooo child .. You're my destiny .. & I know it's especially hard with all these girls is testin me .. But you should laugh cause you're my better half and these girls just fightin over the rest of me ]] .. Yea that pretty much sums how I feel about these tactless women outchea. I'm too old to be caring anyways what they're doing, they need to move around and out of the way. But as for that lady who managed to come out of nowhere and make an awesome impression on my life .. [[ You the girl that Jesus has been savin me for ]] 

Now if this is your first time reading my blog and you get the impression of me that I'm all high and mighty, well stop that .. You stop that right now. You should take a gander to my past posts to the right and you'll definitely see that I've had my fair share of problems. But I learned that [[ We all self conscience .. I'm just the first to admit it ]] .. well not really but you get the idea lol. But [[ These last years been a haze like Issac .. So I close my eyes tighter than Asian eyes get .. ]] & I really thought that last year was going to slow down, but it's not. But I don't mind time speeding up. That means that I'm enjoying the days more and that better ones lie ahead. I honestly haven't been this excited about life before. It was always "ah here comes the next stage of life", *drags feet*. But life is just different these days. I like that the people that I am surrounding myself with are all trying to do the same thing. In terms of trying to do bigger and better things in terms of education, traveling, health and an overall sense of just doing it better & bigger. I'm just motivated to a different level of life. If someone has a problem with that, well then, they just have a problem. I just remember a line from Kanye that reigns true, even today,  [[ But they gone have to take my life before they take my drive .. cause when I was barely livin that's what kept me alive ]]. Make sure you guys check out my favorite blogs at the bottom of the page in my new widget. I tried switching the layout up. Expect more changes coming in the months ahead. With that said, I'm out, you good people stay blessed. 

[[It's gon be what it's gon be .. But here's one thing ya'll got to hear .. I'mma tell you like George Bush told me .. Fuck yall niggas .. I'm outta here]]

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