I've Found It

Dear Best friend,

I wrote a blog post describing everything that you mean to me & more for the world to see. It basically told them how much you made me feel alive & like a man of God. Now I wrote that before I even knew who you were, it was a Christmas wish list of sorts. I poured my sad, broken little heart into every line & word on how I hoped you would be. At first before I let anyone read it, I thought to myself long & hard, worrying that those might be lofty expectations for someone to live up to in any stretch of the imagination. But then I thought to myself, "If God gave me these feelings in my heart to feel, then you as my dream can make them come true by simply being you". So I posted it with little to no advertisement & something amazing happened right after that, the blog was a hit. It was one of those posts that changed peoples way of thinking & made some self realizations in their own hearts & souls. I take no credit for any of that, it was all you. Your love is so boundless that when I felt you & spilled how you made me feel onto paper, everyone else felt your presence as well. You are that kind of woman, the best person I know in this whole entire world. All of that love from a woman that I never met, or so I thought I never did. 

With all the positive feed back & well wishes for me to find you soon, I never thought in a million years that I already knew you. Granted for not that long of a time, but none the less, you were already here staring me right in the face. 

I just want to say your love from day one has made me a better man every second of my existence. The very essences of you makes me smile on a daily basis. You are the best thing to have ever happened to me & I'm so excited about this adventure called life now that I have you here with me. There are so many women that envy you & so many that want to be you, but guess what, there's only one you. & just know that I wrote this all on whim because you reminded me of that Jon B. Song "Someone To Love". That is you, through & through. Until I text you in 5 minutes lol


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