Couple of Date Ideas, Part 1 | Spring Edition

Like seriously though, where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday we were complaining on Thanksgiving about how people were already talking about Christmas, now Valentine's Day has come and gone in the blur that it was, mine was great by the way. Now the season that everyone wants to be here is fastly approaching, Spring that is, It's time to start planning accordingly what to do with all your free time in the sun before it gets hot as the Sahara out there.

This is just part one, I plan on coming out with a part two and three sometime during the start of the summer and fall. But for now I tried to compile a list of activities to do outside in the weather, while it's nice. I know the majority of my readers are females, so all of you with a husband, boyfriend, bae, boo, man-friend that you would love to take you out and be seen with, direct them towards this way, I will not fail them.

A lot of the dates mentioned on this list are some what conventional while others aren't. In regards to the ones that conventional, it's sometimes the dates that are the simplest ones that bring about the best memories of happiness and that inner joy of being around someone they really like. And as for the ones that aren't so conventional, it's time to expand on your horizons. Nothing is more exciting than doing something new with someone you really like, those create what we like to call happy memories. Give it a shot, you just might like it too.

1. Visit The Zoo Or Aquarium | If that's too expensive or cliché, go volunteer at an animal shelter and play with the pets. They need the attention and love more so than the ones at the zoo or aquarium.

2. Bike Ride Around Town | Go on a biking tour of your area. There are often organized bike tours or routes already mapped out for you. Or choose a route you both pick out together.

3. Play Putt-Putt Golf | Make things a little interesting, make a bet together. A little competition is healthy.

4. Go Bowling | Try buzzed bowling, Alley's usually have beer specials, some even have mixed drinks.

5. Go To A Local Museum | Check out the special exhibits & attractions in town. Go educate yourself on something you might not know about.

6. Movie Hop | Go to the dollar theater and just hop to one movie after another if you don't like them. The costs are low and you'll probably end up paying the price to see five movies for the price of one regular one.

7. Be Adventurous | Play paintball, Go-karting, Indoor rock climbing, bungee jump, Indoor skydiving.

8. Go To A Local Amusement Park Or Carnival | Local church festivals or carnivals are free to get in; just pay for what you’d like to do like play games or eat.

9. Go To A Show To Support A Local Band | Up & coming artist put forth a lot of effort. The best shows typically are the indie ones.

10. Go To A Local College Sports Or Minor League Team Game | College, and minor league teams are filled with guys trying to impress so they can make the main roster. You might even catch some stars on rehab assignments in the minors.

11. Go To A Jazz Club | Typically a mood setter with soft music and strong drinks. A mature conversation may arise.

12. Rollerblade | At your local skating ring or nice route around town. Riding around in roller skates is a work out, if you have a large dog, then it would be easier to have him pull you as you roll.

13. Go To The River Or Lake | Grab inflatable tubes & spend an afternoon on a river.

14. Go On A Restaurant Tour | Start with cocktails & appetizers at a restaurant with a bar or lounge, head somewhere different for the main course, then finish up someplace else with desserts.

15. Go To The Local Comedy Club | A lot of big comedians started out at small clubs and worked their way up. Sometimes the funniest jokes are the ones you can relate to, local comedians will connect.

16. Plan A Picnic | Doesn't have to be complicated, in the backyard with your favorite foods, or in the public park on a sunny day will do the trick.

17. Be A Little Silly | Have a water fight, play basketball, doesn't always have to be serious or spend any money.

18. Take A DJ Class | Learn something new that can be applied at your next house party.

19. Wine Painting Class | Women love wine, pretty easy choice here.

20. Dinner Theater | Good food, lively entertainment, & fun. A perfect date combination.

21. Rent A Boat For The Afternoon | If a sailboat is not your thing, rent a rowboat, paddle-boat, or kayak.

22. Document The Night | Just go out one day or night to places that would serve as cool back drops for pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram, show everyone why you're happy.

23. Take A Trendy Workout Class | Zumba, Yoga, CrossFit for the in shape couples.

24. Attend A Festival In A Neighboring City | Another city might have a theme that your city doesn't or specialize in something not offered in your area. Major cities have tons of outer cities that can have hidden gems that are not offered in yours.

25. Go Horseback Riding | Find a local stable & either take a guided ride, a lesson or rent.

26. Go To A Lounge or Hookah Bar | Chill atmosphere, drinks, and usually good music.

27. Go Ice Skating | Most people never experience this, there are usually some local rinks.

28. High School Musical Or Play | Most high schools put on an annual musical or play. Tickets are inexpensive.

29. Cooking Classes | There are often a lot around the city, try making something new.

30. Meet For Drinks At A Local Landmark | These usually have some awesome views, when you're finished, have someone snap a picture of you in front of it.

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