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I'm realizing more and more that I don't like intro's when it comes to my posts. I'm one of those don't beat around the bush kind of people. I'd rather hop right into my subject and get to writing. But I do want to welcome you guys to my second blog review that I've done for the site. I enjoy reading and going through blogs that my peers have made & give them a chance to have it promoted on mine so more people will be aware of them. I was talking to a friend of mine and new blogger @mcfatwashere of mcfatwashere.com and we came to the realization that us small time African American bloggers have to stick together and promote each other as often as possible. I like to think that everyone blogs about different subjects and even if it is the same subject they put their own little spin on things. Because we all see the world from a different angle and understand it from different points of views. This leads me to fellow blogger @the_dailyTHIRST, author of abrownskingirl.com. She is a very opinionated young lady, and for the most part her opinions are valid. I like the fact that she speaks candidly and openly on the topics of women want & need to hear. She doesn't sugar coat a thing when it comes to posts. I was reading her latest post entitled Situationships & she makes a statement that I want to quote because I feel like a lot of women should feel the same about themselves and how they see situations. She proceeded to say:

"My love is strong; too strong to waste on a man who's straddling the fence. & I won't settle.  I deserve commitment & a relationship. I don't deserve confusion & 50/50.  This whole no strings attached bullshit that I find more & more people settling into isn't for me.  I need strings, attachment & all. I deserve that shit. I'm worth it."

I find that post in particular a fantastic read that a lot of women & girls that I know personally should take notice of, because they may know that they are in that situationship themselves. I personally think that its hard to find strong minded, intelligent, independent and well spoken women that have the nerve to stand up for the idea of love and their want & need to accept only the best from a man. It's blogs like this that I love to read because they speak on personal experiences and they are so well put together that the reader can understand the point that's trying to be conveyed and never gets lost in the purpose of the post. She keeps you interested and entertained all while being informative and persuasive.

But just like any new blogger she doesn't have that many posts as you would like to read, we all have had that problem starting up, but I'm sure she'll get more into the swing of things when she becomes less busy and have more time to write and put out quality blogs. I'm all for the time between posts as long as the posts are that good as she's been cranking out.

As for the layout she has a pretty great one. It's simple and to the point, no clutter or anything distracting on the page as far as trying to navigate around it. She doesn't have that many posts so the need to see an archive isn't a necessity. The url is a simple one to remember, which is important for those who don't like to remember things that have such and such.blogspot.com like mine does lol. Overall I'm giving this blog a 9/10. I would personally want more posts but I understand why she isn't able to do that at this moment. So all in all go over and check out here website, abrownskingirl.com & support her. When you visit the site you can easily see if she updated her posts with my blog roll to the right.

Until next time guys.

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