I miss her smile.

I miss her southern belle accent.

I miss her weird little laugh.

I miss how she has her own mind & way of thinking.

I miss how she can stand up on her own & get things done.

I miss the random conversations about random things.

I miss when she laughs at my corny jokes.

I miss how she has her own corny jokes.

I miss when she texts me there's a million & one emoji's in each message.

I miss how all my friends love her & want to have her around.

I miss her arms around my neck when she hugs me.

I miss when she squeezes extra tight when she hugs me.

I miss the way she always smiles before she kisses me.

I miss holding her hand all kinds of weird ways when we're in public.

I miss stealing kisses from her randomly when we're out.

I miss standing behind her in line and sniffing the back of her hair & kissing her neck.

I miss running my fingers through her natural hair.

I miss laying next to her and laying my head on her lap so she can play in my beard.

I miss when she sleeps and falls asleep in that perfect spot so my arm doesn't go numb.

I miss when she wakes up and gets ready, and she struts across the room.

I miss when she leaves for work, she always gives me a kiss & tells me she loves me.

I miss when she comes home from work, she's always excited to see me.

I miss when I haven't seen her in awhile I bury my head in her stomach & she hugs me.

I miss rubbing her feet.

I miss the fact that we always had to touch each other.

I miss the booty massages.

I miss the passionate love making that we made.

I miss her carefully made body, that's just for me.

I miss her spot on advice.

I miss her being the only person to know me.

I miss dreaming about marrying her.

I miss dreaming of her having my two children.

I miss dreaming about spending the rest of my life with her.

I miss all of the little things.

I miss her love.

I just miss her.

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