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But ALL of the time, I am grateful. 
I am strong. I am a walking testimony. I am a survivor. I am beautiful. 
I am a warrior with a purpose much, much bigger than myself. 
I am ready for battle and I will conquer, like I’ve done before.
- Devri Velazquez

Let's take a second to talk about one of my favorite people & bloggers in the whole entire world, Ms. Devri Velazquez.

You know how you hear about those people that come along in life that are labeled, just so likable? Well that's Devri. My first interactions with her came through tweeting, we chit chatted and it became apparent that she was a very insightful young woman. Then came the news that she had fallen extremely ill. I didn't really know the reasons as to why she was sick then she confirmed that she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune vascular disease called Takayasu’s Arteritis (See her post on it here). I'm not going to even front for you guys, I was extremely distraught because my first inclination is to not want anyone to be sick, let alone anyone I could talk & have intellectual conversations with. My first reaction was to pour out the support for her & join in with others to let her know she wasn't alone during this time.

But then something funny happened.

She demonstrated in essence what the human spirit is capable of at the darkest of hours, she let her hope & love shine through. Before I met her, I thought as myself as one of few people that had the higher mental level to deal with various things such as death & bad times. But like anything in life, you can learn a thing or two from someone else at all times. She showed me how important it is to never stop having the courage & belief that things are & will get better in due time, as long as you believe so.

Her blog is riddled with posts that I love. from the various pictures that she posts to the topics that even I have to sit back and think "why didn't I write about this as well". She's not a "one trick pony" either. Her blog topics deal with things that can relate to your life, nostalgic topics that will have you remembering good times & things that can educate you on to make you have a better understanding of the world. Her blog literally has it all. I visit her page routinely because there is so much depth to her posts that it makes me stay on a good foot as a blogger. If you're an up and coming blogger or just someone that wants to get a feel of how blogging is suppose to look. Then this is the page for you.

There isn't a bunch of clutter that would prevent you from moving around the site to different posts. It's rather easy to navigate and it has that personal feel to it. I think the fact that she has the pictures and the tweets on the page adds a nice touch of both keeping it constantly updated whether it be by post, picture or tweet. It also has a lot of detail that catches your eye such as her banner, the color combinations and the fonts.

Also, she's the junior content editor and writer for I know I have a lot of natural haired readers here, so there's a lot of helpful information there.

In short, this is blogging at it's finest. When the blogger puts the time, effort, and personal involvement behind every post, it makes for great and compelling reading. If there was ever a person that I would defer my better blogging judgment to, it would be Devri. Don't be afraid to leave a comment or ask a question via twitter because she interacts with such elegance and poise that she makes you want to keep coming back after you research more on what you asked. Support her blog, and follow her on twitter @DevriVelazquez & Instagram at DevriVelazquez.

"I embrace all of my flaws and quirks, as we all should. Who made up what ‘perfect’ means, anyway? Indulge in my shortcomings. I do. Why? Because God came up with the idea of ME. No one else here on Earth did. That makes me perfect by default. We all are, and I think it’s important to always remember that. Instead of focusing on what makes us ‘not enough’, spotlight what makes us beyond worthy. Each day that we are alive is another day that God granted us to be made into perfect creatures for Him and for His divine purpose." 
- Devri Velazquez

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