Full Time Hustle

"What does it take to blog full time like you?"

Over the last couple of months I've been asked that very specific question and most of the time the person doesn't like the answer that I give. Usually after breaking down the daily tasks, the little nuances and the proactive thinking that one has to have, the person is usually discouraged. I don't mean to deter anyone who is looking to act on an hobby or passion, but blogging full time isn't for the faint at heart. Hell, blogging isn't for everyone period; I rather let you know what you're in for now than wait til later after you created everything and then decide that you don't want to do it anymore because it felt like you were doing too much.

No, I'd much rather tell you the truth upfront and let you go from there. There are those that make it in blogging, or anything successful period, because they're willing to put in the time that is required to succeed. It's funny because I don't blog full time for the same reasons that most feel after setting up their blog initially. The are a couple of reasons as to why I'm lucky enough to have Cold Knowledge. First and foremost I'm trained in the art of mass producing. I went to school for Mass Communications so I can pretty much do anything from writing in a newspaper to producing my own radio show if need be. That's an advantage I have over most people in this line of living. Secondly, I can just flat out write. When motivated I can crank out at least ten posts a day, not saying they are all good or great, but I can write when properly motivated.

But don't look at what I can do, look at what YOU can do.

I tell folks all of the time to be honest with themselves when it comes to their level of commitment towards blogging full time. If you've never produced content that's needed for your particular niche, then it's ok to take time and work on that. It's not a rat race, when it's time for you to come in and do it full time then it will simply be your time; no one can take that from you. One pet peeve that I have with folks who do anything they want to be successful at is comparing themselves to other peoples work. You're not that person and you don't know what that person went through to get where they got. Sure you may know their story but you don't know their internal struggle that they had to go through. If you're going to come into the blogging world you can't compare yourself to others and what they have achieved, you can only go by what you can do and expound upon that. That is the true key to individual success.

And as you come to that road you may feel as though you're not meant to run a full time blog, you may feel as though you're meant to bounce around, lending your expertise to a bunch of different places. The beauty now versus when I started is that there are so many places where you can submit ideas for people to critique and get use to you as a creative. I know with writers there are a ton of blogs out there, (myself included), that have a high visibility rate that will allow you to submit writings to be featured to a large audience. There's also the new social media blogging platform Medium that connects you with a ton of people who like to read.

Point being, you don't have to worry about blogging full time until you're ready to do so.

It's kind of annoying when there are certain people who have great pieces but they end up quitting writing because they just don't feel like doing the things required to run a blog full time. I've literally had folks tell me that they stopped writing just because they don't feel like having to do all of the other things that's required to keep their blogs appealing to readers, making them wanting to come back for seconds. To me instead of quitting just close down your blog and write for yourself and only for yourself. It takes a bit of talent to be a great writer and the only way to keep getting better at it is to keep writing. I know a lot of folks who have moved on to bigger and better things from blogging simply because they kept writing.

But that's my little spill and advice on the whole blogging full time. Everyone isn't meant to be a full time blogger and that's quite alright. It requires more than most are willing to give and instead of getting into the game straight out of the gate, take your time to cultivate ideas and to practice first. Even though I had a blog basically since 2003, I still took my time and practice writing because I enjoyed it enough to know that I needed to improve on it. It's just like with sports, you have to practice a lot to know if you're ready for the next level. Some folks are players and others are better suited to be coaches or announcers. You just might be better suited as a columnist or a guest poster than a full time content producer.

That's just my whole spill on the situation when people ask me what it requires to be a full time blogger. It takes a lot to be a full time blogger and those that you see are successful put in an unconscious amount of time into perfecting their site and all of their side hustles outside of that. Like I said before, if you're ready for it then just dive head first into it; but if you're not then just take your time, practice, guest post, post on medium in the meantime. Keep a close eye on your feedback that can help you to grow, (not all that negative trolling stuff that's going around these days). Only you can make the decision to be the best, just know it's a long road ahead to get there.

Until next time!

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