August 2016

Well it's safe to say that it's been awhile.

So July was an interesting month for me. There was my rampant job search after Verizon shipped a lot of jobs from the south to the north in order to appease the union folks after the strike. Then there was the whole deal where my air conditioning broke randomly and I was living in hell for a couple of days. That was pretty much the gist of my month in a nutshell, so sorry if the posts have been lacking. Honestly this is my first real post in about three weeks. There are a couple of people who have voiced their displeasure's with me in recent weeks. So I do apologize about that, but doesn't mean that things will change soon because I'm actually starting a new job while my current one ends. Meaning I'm going to be working two jobs for a couple of weeks.

So bear with me people while I get my affairs in order.
But don't be worried, I've been writing down my ideas and starting posts to the point they're about 75% completed. So there are posts in the work, they just aren't completed at the current moment. Those will probably be put out sometime within the next two weeks seeing as how this is my last normal week of my life for awhile. But all is good, I wanted to let you all know what was going on and why I haven't really been around on the blog. It's rough not being able to write how I want to write, but hey sometimes life gets the better of us and we have to adjust. But for now you can follow my twitter at @ColdKnowledge and keep up with me on the latest and random posts that are tweeted out on a regular basis.

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