Rants & Raves IV

In my mind, it sounds like Ooooo
When I'm gone, it feels like Ooooo
When I'm zoned, I'm feelin' alright,
I'm feelin' alright, I'm feelin' alright.
When I'm zoned, I'm feelin' alright, I'm feelin' alright,
I forget about it all.

- Kid Cudi

First things first ..

Today they passed the Health Care Reform Bill. Hmm now I rarely .. and I mean rarely let my feelings towards politics be known. But I honestly say I'm not on the fence on this one. The whole idea of Democracy in the United States of America is a very vague concept. It's suppose to be the land of the free, where everyone gets a fair chance to succeed and excel at what they do best and make an honest living as long as its not harmful to others [some will debate smoking, drinking, and certain food concepts to be dangerous .. but we'll get into that later] .. but instead it's a land where the rich basically feed off the poor .. pharmaceutical companies make more money by charging 200 times what it actually costs for pills and the new problem of cheap labor being taken over by people not from this country. Now while I say all this .. it is at the same time to go without saying that we are masters of our own problems .. and we choose to go along with the current recession by excess spending, ignorance to the rest of the world, a terrible attitude when it comes to thinking about ourselves against the rest of the world, poor poor education systems everywhere .. and might i add .. the way we eat causes health problems, so therefore drug companies are going to get paid simply because we as the people .. allowed them to.

I'm a firm believer in .. if you make a problem or presented with one .. then you can handle it. But Americans have this amazing ability to complain about any and everything. No one is happy with anything these days and everything is basically going to shits because we can't agree on something as simple as a child's education. Hmmm I can't sit her and fully say that I dislike Republican's .. but they do strike a nerve .. [damn Joe Wilson .. smh] .. but hey .. at this rate .. I'll be either a Canadian, English, or Australian citizen towards the later years of my life. Cause American .. is clearly going to shits & it's all our faults. But I'm hoping not .. I voted for Obama because he talked a good game since 2004 .. hopefully he'll do me justice lol

I'm seriously about to delete all the people that can't spell or do the shit on purpose .. things like: YU .. boii .. or we mutha fckkin dawqqq .. asx .. man just kill yourself .. talking like that is never cool .. show's two things .. you're a slave to trends and you're playing into the hands of not being educated. Shit is just just annoying .. and you still have black Barbie in your name .. smh .. kids these days .. no sense on self direction or where they want to go. And it's girls at that .. you're suppose to be paving the way for most men to want to do right .. if you lose all sense of direction .. then what the hell do we have to look forward too?


Rihanna and Chris Brown .. please kill yourselves .. that is all. Well no it's not .. I just want to say .. I tuned in like 40 mins late to that Rihanna interview .. that's just one more instance of ignorance .. She didn't know what the hell she was saying .. but she did dump on Chris Breezy .. smh .. Chris should've spoke his mind. But then again .. it's all apart about what's happen .. a long drawn out public feud .. ooo wait .. don't they have albums coming out? .. yea .. like I thought

KiD CuDi is still going hard by the way .. plays this week total 92 .. I would've cracked 100+ if I didn't have my Jay-Z [83] & Lil Wayne [34] moments.


Love is a bitch .. It's not how I envisioned it to be .. I'm like FUCK! lol .. that's all I can say about it right now .. FUCK! lol .. I thought it was suppose to be easier .. but .. sigh .. if it was .. everyone would be in it and happy .. getting laid or something .. smh .. guess this is the price I pay for happiness .. God definitely has a sense of humor right now. But it's all cool I suppose .. she's worth the trouble .. more than I can say about others who are reading this right now from my past .. smh .. I wouldn't trade a 100 of you guys for one of her .. hope you realize that.

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