.. The Good Guy Complex

There is a reason that good guys exist in few numbers in the world.

The good guys, sad to say, like dinosaurs, are slowly becoming instinct. There is no room for them anymore. The world has become a place enthralled with dreams of being millionaires and being reality TV stars. Where war profiteering is at an all time high, and everyone is just lost. So who pays when women think only about financial stability and goals of being independent? The good guys that's who. The good guys are always the ones who catch the tail end of problems, they feel the wrath and anger of a woman scorned by a boy, not a man, a boy who couldn't handle the responsibility of caring, nurturing and supporting a woman's growth an individual. The good guys are left to try and salvage and pick up the pieces to a broken spirit where all hope is lost and replaced by anger and vengeance. But of course what is one of the strong suits of a good guy's personality? It's the fact that he practices, preaches, and teaches patience. The Good guys eat it, sleep it, and pisses patience each and everyday. They understand the situation, they get what goes on in the mind of a broken woman's mind. They know it's hard work to repair any woman's trust in the male race. The good guy doesn't believe in logic or reasonable approaches to relationships, they believe in fairy tales, luck and love. That's what drives them to be who they are. The fact that they don't believe in hopeless romanticism but rather in actual love scenes created in real life show's that they are worth something worth being held on. Because think about it .. all those love scenes from movies had to come from somewhere, and at some point during the history of the world, it's happened at least once somewhere.

But how much can a good guy take? How much can he endure before he says enough is enough and that he believes that he's being treated unfairly because of other situations that weren't in his control? Good guys are thinkers, so when they think about what wrong doing has been done to them for no apparent reason, they get the feeling of sadness, they cry, oh yea, good guys cry out of frustration of love, and they try their best to get their mind over the humps and bumps of disappointment. What else is a good guy to do when they're constantly rejected and denied because they did all the right things, and tried to break through the mold only to hear: "Oh you look like my ex", "Remind me of my ex in tendencies", or my favorite "You're just like all men, you will cheat, there is no such thing as a nice guy anymore". It's that type of bitterness and resentment that kills good guys will and determination, slowly, but surely. But the thing about good guys, they're not creatures of habit, they're creatures of will. They know the population of earth is some billions on people, so they know its hard to see past the general consensus of things. At the end of the day, the one thing that keeps a good guy honest, and that keeps a guy going, is the one thing that you never thought existed, Love, and when women finally realized what they've done, it's usually too late, because while you're trying to say sorry and that you made a mistake, he's already moved on to a woman that deserved to be with them more because they didn't punish them for others mistakes. And at that point you realize what a good guy is: a honest, hard working, fairy tale believing, smart man, who won't be derailed in finding his one woman that makes him feel like a million bucks.

How do I know .. because one day I know that I will feel like two million bucks.

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