Rants & Raves V

I'm goin in, fuck it, I'm goin in,
I was just about to take off the top.
Let us begin ..
- Young Jeezy

Intro ..

I'm back after almost a year's hiatus from writing. Why such the long wait you ask? Mainly it's because I spent the better half of 2010 in training and being up for 19hrs a day, then I got to Fort Bragg and I spent the better part of 12hrs a day at work. So needless to say, I've been busy, real busy. Now that's not going without saying that there hasn't been a lot going on in my life, cause there has. There has been a couple of new women, dealing with a particular ex still & transitioning into the real world. So what better way to come back than to hit you with version five of the postings that everyone pays attention to, Rants & Raves V.

For those of you that don't know about my Rants & Raves series, it usually just talks shit and almost names names. It's as honest and clean cut about my life as it can get. And the reason why people usually like it is because they can either relate, or they know who the hell I'm talking about, either way, it's something for all to read. So without further ado ..


This whole nonsense with the lockouts is annoying and also retarded. While owners and players duke it out on who's going to make more money, (which players should because they're the ones playing and laying their bodies on the line, but that's another debate for another time), the real losers of these situations aren't the fans, it's actually the workers. It's the guys who buff the floor, and cut the grass. Who sell popcorn and hand out tickets. Who sit outside in ice cold parking lots directing traffic. It's been well documented that the layoffs have been high for both NFL and NBA. It also pains me to see players having to take out ''loans" to keep up with bills. I mean come on, I think the lowest contract you can get is for 500, 000. I do not feel a drop of sorrow or pity for those guys that go out and spend all their money on things that aren't needed. But any who, kudos to the NFL for getting their stuff together, now as for the NBA, there is a ton of optimism going around that there won't even be a season. Good job guys.

J. Cole is the shit, The Weeknd is the shit.
Lil Wayne & Drake I'm starting to get tired of hearing from.
With Jay-Z & Kanye West dropping that new Watch The throne CD.
Lil B was surprisingly good, while DJ Khaled CD was a DJ Khaled CD.
I'm waiting on the new Game & Pastor Troy CD's.
Lloyd's King of Hearts was a good CD.
Like it or not, Rick Ross is that dude.
I hate Kelly Rowland's motivation.
I heard Beyonce was a success, cause all the women are blasting her music.
& Odd Future troubles my soul ..
The Army

Boy oh boy, my good old employer. My status right now is that I'm a deployed solider in Southwest Asia, beyond that i can't say anymore for security purposes and safety, but I can tell you that it sucked leaving to come over here. But it has to be done, someone has to do it. But boy this whole thing has kicked my ass the whole year and a half I've been in. I started off at Fort Knox in Kentucky, then I went to Fort Lee in Virginia, my next stop was Fort Benning, Then I ended up at Fort Knox as my first duty station. So needless to say, I've been to three of the hardest bases to be at in the first year and a half of my Army career. But it's all been a good experience though. I found out a lot about myself in the process. But all in all sometimes I feel as though the army is for me, other times I feel as tho I need to get the hell out and live my life. Especially after living this deployed life. But hey it is what it is. So we'll see where that goes from there.

Oh yea, what's with everyone having sex with everyone here, this is starting to remind me of a bridge that is between high school and college.

My Relationship

Now just where do I begin with this one. I think I have to drop names on this one. But let me state first that I am indeed single, but not really single. As of right now I'm aggressively going after this beautiful, intelligently nonchalant woman who shall not be named. I wanted to do it different this time. Like 360. No one is going to know about her, and I don't want anyone giving their opinions about what's going on with us, cause it doesn't really matter. I've known her for some odd number of years, so I know enough about her to make her apart of my life. I'm taking my sweet ass time getting to know her too, no need to rush the stroke. But that is my babe, my boo, my honey, my honey bun, my dear and anything else applicable. I spoil her with flowers and good morning texts. I randomly tell her that she is beautiful and make people jealous to be her. She doesn't even know how many messages I get on twitter about how women want a guy to do the things I do for her. It's just what I do, make her feel special because she is to me. She isn't the typical girl, she's the complete opposite of what I usually go for. So that's all that's going to be said about her and I.

Side note: dated this Spanish girl this time last year, yea she got crazy, real fast. She was half Mexican and half Puerto Rican. Yea, I did it to myself lol 


Now the one chick who decided she wanted to attack my character and make me feel bad. Hmm what do I say about you. I mean you're a cool chick, a cool person. I have no ill will or hard feelings towards you. I stopped talking to you because you didn't have the time, or as so it seems, nor are you ready for a commitment. Which is sad because there are so many women out there that are looking for a man like me that you had to throw it away. Which is fine, we all need to learn at one point. I really do hope you find that man that you need and what you're looking for, because I know it's not me. But don't ever get it twisted or the situation misconstrued, attacking my character is not going to hurt my feelings, nor validate the nonsense you said. Everyone and their mama knows that I'm a good hearted man. It's been repeated so many times since I've been deployed that I know it's not just me thinking it. When I go after a woman, I go after them, and that was too much for you too soon, I get that. And you're right, I'm not going to wait around. I'm not going to give my time and effort to you, only for you to not give it any effort, and no you didn't give any effort, maybe to finding some weed or drinks or a party, but not to me. But like all the holy one's say, God Bless to you mam, I really do hope you have a good life.

And to my EX, yea you messed up, yea I did the right thing by not stooping to your level and feeding into your drama producing brain. And now many many many months later, you're back, trying to be nice. Well I'll be nice to you, because that's what God wants me to do, but at the same time, you're still trifling and ignorant as hell for what you did. So there's a big fat fuck you in there somewhere. But the God in me won't allow such harsh words to come out. But rather a nice peaceful resolution. But I also wish you well and hope you have a good life.

Think I said what I had to say, I mean it could've been more in depth, but I'm all about not giving a fuck these days, so I'll say all that and my peace, and just move on with my life.

I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss Raleigh & I miss South Carolina.

Until next time ..

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