Rants & Raves VI

Even righteous minds go through this ..

[Thank you, thank you, thank you, please hold your applause for I applied logic, keys, keys open doors ..] I’m not even going to lie, this is about to be the longest blog, letter, message, tweet, whatever you want to call it, that I’ve ever written. Mainly because I have so much to get off my chest. First and foremost let me clear something up, I don’t write blogs to seek attention or anything of that nature, I write them to get feelings off my chest. I write because my stories can help those who have either been through the same situation that I’ve already been through and in, and can hopefully deter them from making some brash decisions. Cause trust me I know there’s only one man that can ever judge me, and I’ll never change for anyone or anything, so [I’ma follow the rules, no matter how much time I’ma get, I’ma live and die with the decisions that I’ma pick.] Cause I realized a long time ago that I have one life to live, and if I worry about what one person thinks of me or what another person thinks I should do, then I’m going to be one of those brainless dudes that walks around jumping on every snapback and crazy ass dance that comes about every so few seasons. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m not that guy, in any sense of the phrase. & everyone knows that I don’t think I’m better than anyone else on this planet. [Heaven knows that I made my mistakes, that God, what a guy, as I say my grace]. My last post Rant & Rave V was just an overview, or a cop out for some if you will. I didn’t want to throw too many situations out there, nor name drop, I mean I’m not going to name drop still, but that’s because I’m being very nice after I calmed down. But since people want to come at me sideways still, I’ll address everything one last time and leave it at that. Honestly I have bigger things to worry about cause [I’m about my paper, 24/7, 365, 366 in a leap year ..] & I’m all about snatching my babe up and proving to her that everything she believes I am is true. But anyways, without further hesitation, let’s get started shall we?


Now I don’t honestly even know why this is a issue. I don’t live in Florence, SC anymore. I won’t ever live there again. Yea that’s home, but things change, times change, and people change. I’ve grown up and moved on, but apparently a certain dude I thought was a homie is going around throwing shots at me just to get in with some girl that he THINKS I still talk to. Well homie is sadly mistaken because I haven’t seen old girl since 2006. That’s five years ago my dude, five. Just in case you don’t know what that means, it means I have no use for her in that sense. Hell I didn’t even want her back then, we were just friends. So if you will please keep my name out your mouth, cause you know more people like me than you because your personality is like that of fuckin humus and I’m ketchup and what not. Man I tell you [Niggas is brainless to unnecessarily go through these changes]. But to my homie that I considered a homie, we aint cool like that because [Niggas wasn’t playin they day role, so we parted ways like Ben & J-Lo]. It’s sad to say that, but it’s true man. Get together homie, you need to be worrying about how you’re going to take care of that little one instead of trying to bad mouth another man for no ass you aint gettin. That shit is crazy to me and it don’t even make sense. But like I said, I don’t live in Florence, SC anymore, I left and moved on with my life. You should think about doing the same if you don’t want to end up like some old bum on the corner.

& to that big nigga that I kick it with, get your shit together brother, you got a degree, use that shit for something, anything, stop looking to take these easy ass side jobs and what not. The moves are out there to be made man. Make them shits for real, stop talking about it and be about it. Cause I’m hearing too much from you the same old line, [I’m not afraid of dyin, I’m afraid of not tryin’, everyday hit every wave like I’m Hawaiian]. You’re my family, so I can be honest, you pissin me off chillin at home doing the same old shit, and the rest of the fellas feel that way too. So come on man, turn over a new leaf and get with the program, we aren’t getting any younger!

To that skinny nigga who is always sending his dick to females in them little ass text messages. Stop my dude, that shit doesn’t work anymore, well maybe they do on them young ass girls you still pray on. WE are turning 25 this year, how about you change your life and get it together like I am. [& really the fact is, we not in the same bracket, not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets, don’t pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches, so how am I in the way, what is it that I’m missin? Nigga I been missin, Nigga I been gone, the shit that you just witnessin’, I been on ..] 

Remember that ..

.. & to that light skin nigga not taking care of his baby and moochin off that chick who me and the two other homies passed up cause she was a booper but you wifed her ..  [What!? You broke .. fuck you gon tell me?]

My Employer:

[Too many rough mother fuckers, I got my suspicion that you’re just fish in a pool of sharks nigga]. This is exactly how I feel about these army cats. They say and preach one thing and do another. I found about five real dudes since I’ve been at Fort Bragg, That’s why I distance myself from these fools. Especially at this unit, correction, this company. It seems like all they want to do is talk about each other behind each other’s back and then smile in faces like it’s all cool. They want to be your friend one minute, but drag you down the next because you’re doing better than them. But ya’ll know me, I could give a fuck less what these people think about me. I don’t fake or front shit, if I don’t fuck with you, I’ll give you the greeting of the day and keep it like that. I don’t want to be your friend, I don’t want to go play ball with you, hell I don’t even want to see you, because I know you’re a rat ass dude who talks shit like a female. Which is a shame, but I guess since [other niggas aint in the game, so they practice hate .. ] And these females, lie to your face as well & talk shit about the next person, but won’t check themselves. I think that’s the root of the problem. They know I’ve hit the pinnacle of self thought and in their little ass minds they can’t comprehend why I act like I act. Well it’s called being grown, most of the people that don’t make it in the army and stay the same rank for forever and a day is because they can’t get their mind over that hump. And that’s all cool, I just ask that you leave me be, but [You don’t have to if you don’t want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you].

[Life is for livin, not living uptight .. ]


The fundamental problem that I have with women & girls alike is that I'm way too nice. But I can honestly say that I’m off [I got a main chick, a mistress and a young bitch ..] kind of lifestyle. Because I found out the hard way that [Too many bitches wanna be ladies, so if you a hoe, I'ma call you a hoe, too many bitches is shady]. I thought I saw it all when I was broke, but since a nigga got benefits, they want to treat me different. And I’ve heard it multiple times, that exact line from their mouth. That’s why I don’t even associate myself with a bunch of women like that. I mean yea I flirt on twitter, but that’s it, I don’t give a fuck when I get off that joint. I got a life to live. But it do piss me off when [Too many ladies give these niggas too many chances .. too many brothers wanna be lovers don't know what romance is]. So these niggas beat and then get a girl preggo because they spitting that hot garbage ass game in your ear, now you’re preggo, how about you stop listening to that dude and find you a man that’s going to hold you down when it gets rough. I swear some of you girls got birds for brains if you let some “thug”’ that you needed to love all on you is going to be there when you get preggo, he’s a thug you dumb hoe, that means he don’t give a shit about you and the seed he created. Smarten up ladies, please do before this cycle continues.

.. to that girl that called me manipulative & a liar, just know that [If I can’t live by word, then I’d rather much die]. But I know you ain’t mean that, I just know you were hurt that you had to find out that I was off you. You seriously thought I was going to wait on you to come around? Yea, ok. I mean you’re a relatively young one. You have time to get it together. Oh yea, you’re welcome for that letter. I meant what I wrote, you just couldn’t handle it. But like I said, it’s all love, I’ll be here for you, cause you’re going to need all the good men you know to break out those bad ass habits that you got.

To the most recent ex, [Finally, my time’s too short to share, and to ask her now, it aint fair, so yea .. she lost one], that statement says it all, good luck on your new relationship, hope you learned from all the mistakes you made with me and actually make it in life.

[See I got demons in my past, so I got daughters on the way. If the prophecies correct, then the child should have to pay, for the sins of the father, so I barter my tomorrow’s against my yesterdays in hopes that she’ll be ok , & when I’m no longer here, they shade her face from the glare, I give up my share of ..] To my babe, my boo, my dear, my honey, my motivator, my girlfriend. I’m going to do right by you, I’m not going to say a whole lot to you, because we’re going to have a little talk, but ‘ I tell these dudes out here on a daily basis that [In fact I got a joint to knock your points of]. They brag and boast all the time about the girls that they bag and how they skin all these cats. & they look at me like what hoes do I have, I tell them none, I tell them I have a woman that fell in love with me, and I love her so, and that automatically makes you the best thing out there, period. I told them it’s no competition, cause I’m not competing. I’m the real winner cause I know that you look for me daily to send you that good morning text, or that good night text, or that I want to see how you’re doing text. I’m a winner cause I know I got you. I’m just trying to go all out for you. I’m not going to lie, its actually hard to know what to do, when I actually want to try. Before I just did it cause it was second nature. But every move has to be perfect for you, every single one. I want it so that when you’re sitting at work or in class, you just think to yourself and then go, dang, this man really loves me. That’s my goal, for you to just know how I feel. So that day, many, many, many, many, years from now when we have that daughter, she will definitely be a product of two people that will love and spoil her. [So til she’s here, & she’s declared, the heir, I will prepare, a blueprint for you to print, a map for you to get back, a guide for your eyes just so you won’t lose scent ..]

[And all you other cats throwin shots at Jigga .. you only get half a bar .. fuck ya’ll niggas]

This post was inspired by good friend Tiff, go check out her blog at Addiction. All quotes are from various Jay-Z songs.

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