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When I usually go to read another blogger's blog, I typically look for some kind of substances. Now while most people think blogging is the "in thing" and it's just hey get up here and write something that sounds cool, it's not. Great bloggers usually blog great things because each post is an extension of themselves. Just like authors who pen great books do, or columnist in journals. Now usually people flock to blogs about breaking news in sporting entertainment and sports that highlight personal lives, which is no problem by any means because I have my own blogs that I do that with in regards to sports. My overall preference is to read blogs from regular people who have real life, relatable problems. That's why when I heard of this blog and it was put on my TL on twitter, it kind of caught my eye because of the attention that it was receiving from one of my followers. She subsequently tweeted two quotes that almost immediately peaked my interest.

Let's make this clear, great writing will catch a persons imagination almost immediately, anyone who tells you otherwise is pretty much lying to you. Now I don't just support any old thing or any old body. But guys let me tell you straight up, this is one of hell of an original blog about a young woman's struggle with love and the growing pains that come with it. ihatebonnieb.com has to be one of the best blogs out there. I'm not going to bore you to death about why I think it's good. I'm just going to give an intro to her latest blog from her site:


I don't want it if I have to stalk it. I don't want it if I have to put it on a leash to keep it from running. I don't want to be the girlfriend who has to fight off women as if they were flies hovering around a basket of fruit. The words mine, me and I don't have a place in my vocabulary when describing the love I want to cultivate with the man of my dreams. I hate to be smothered. I'm a professional when it comes to distancing myself from friends, family and loved ones. Especially when I feel like I'm being caged.

Love isn't about possession. It never has been. It never will be (with me)

After I read that .. I had to sit back for a bit and think to myself. That intro, that first couple of lines took over my mind for a bit and I began to think. It took me to a place where I thought I was the only one who lived there, and the only person who believed existed. I have strong ideas on relationships and how people should act and think. In that one paragraph if you take the time to take it in and think about it, she really hit on the head the beauty, the pain and the hard work that it takes to be with a woman, and that ladies and gentlemen is accomplishment within itself. But like I said, don't take my word for it. Go support this young African American blogger who has been in the game for seven years, and go read a great blog because I did, and I'm impressed by the content, the originality and the heart she put in there. Til next time, check out my fellow bloggers along with this great one. Peace

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