I Woke Up ..

I didn't open my eyes. I just laid in that state where you can only feel your mind drifting in euphoria caused by being in an environment you considered perfect. You know, that perfect place we all go to when we know that we can wake up to no problems.

As I finally came to, I heard the hustling & rumblings of the people on the streets getting ready to start the day. As I slowly cracked my eyes open, it wasn't a blinding light the sun usually brings, but rather a smooth transition only the earliest beams of the sunrise could generate.

As I go to stretch I feel my leg slide down the smoothest & warmest skin ever. Without even noticing her laying on half of my body, she was perfectly placed where nothing is numb. She's sound asleep & doesn't notice me moving around in the bed.

As the sun creeps in & kisses off of her skin, I watch her glow from the same euphoria I felt minutes before. In this moment of unaware happiness, she's the most beautiful person or thing I've ever seen in my life, simply her.

I slide her off of me with a gentle kiss to the forehead. She rolls over, I proceed to get up & survey the room. It's nothing fancy. It's like a vintage room from WWII, with the minor exception being the laptops on a desk in the corner with our cell phones & a camera on top.

I retrieve some orange juice from the mini fridge beside the counter & head to the balcony. The view ahead of me is modest with another building adjacent from mine. Flowers & different plants are aligned on different balconies, showing off the different personalities of the occupants.

The streets are narrow & made out of bricks. Few cars, but mostly bikes & walking people. I close my eyes and take in the fresh air, but it's not til I open my eyes & glance left that I truly appreciate my surroundings.

In the not so far distance is the Eiffel Tower, half covered in the early morning fog & the rest being showered in sunlight. I am in the city of lovers. Which all makes sense now.

I appreciate the significance of the view. But it's not til I turn back and rest against the balcony, just staring into the room where I was, that I truly appreciated the beauty of the scenery.

Covered at the hip with just a sheet, arm draped across her chest, & her hair so beautifully messed up. I am with the most beautiful woman in the world right now.

I go over to her just thinking of all the ways to possibly love this woman & the only thing I could think of is to bend over & kiss her gently on the lips. She just smiles & blushes before she opens her eyes to the reply of, "I've been waiting on that since I peeked my eyes on you mister".

And at that moment when she looked at me smiling like I'm the greatest man in the world, I felt no other happiness than the moment of complete & utter euphoria with the sunlight mixing it all in my heart.

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