Stop Trying To Label My Creativity

"I don't have a particular niche because one thing doesn't define who I am".

That's what I said to this person who demanded that I figure out what niche Cold Knowledge should be labeled as. Like they were really up in arms because I didn't want to say what one thing defines my blog and honestly it doesn't really matter to me. After explaining myself pretty calmly to this person, they still wanted to get upset with me and say that real bloggers define their direction of what they want their blog to be. That real bloggers promote their product with said niche every single time they get a chance too because they want to make money off of their site. Said person was really going off on a tangent because of it and honestly deep down on the inside I was laughing my behind off because they felt so passionate about something they know nothing about.

Yeap, that's right, this person isn't even a blogger or a creative at that. This is just your run of the mill person who thinks they know how to run a blog and deem blogging to be easy. Which is always funny to hear because this same person can't even decide what pants they want to wear that day, let alone knows what it takes to actually produce content that's relevant, promote said content and engaging the readers and trying to figure out what the next piece of great content you're going to come out with the stay ahead of the curb. Like most people who just consume and lacks a creative bone in their body and feels like they know every single thing, this person failed to realize that they are speaking about something they know nothing about.

But hey life sometimes is about people having ill formed opinions on things they never take the time to research.

One thing that I do notice a lot of is that creatives kill off websites at an alarming rate because they feel the pressure to have to choose. Or they feel no one is reading their work, or they're suppose to have this instant fame because they write about something that's the same as everyone else, with them putting a better spin on it. I can't tell you how many times when someone asks me about what it takes to be successful, (with me actually telling them and detailing the specifics), they usually back out and become scared of the hard work that it all entails. While I'm not at the hundreds of thousands of views every single month, I'm well on my way and it's not because I defined myself to be just like everyone else.

I've experienced moderate success because I followed the one golden rule to blogging that most people seem to forget: I stay true to myself. There is not a single thing that I have written here on Cold Knowledge that I don't have a vested interest in. Whether it's posts about my religion, about love, politics, things going on in society, movies, music, whatever it is, I always write from the heart because that's what drives me to be the best and most unique person that I know. This is never going to be a blog about just one thing that I'm interested in simply because I'm interested in many things and many different points throughout my day.

I don't limit myself based off of other people's perception of what success looks like.

There are a lot of things that I will do, there are a lot of things that I won't do and there are a lot of things that I say I won't do that I will do here on the blog because I follow growth very closely. If you look back at my early writings you will definitely see the progression from then to now. I don't think that anyone wants to write about the same thing forever, that's why I write about a lot of different things because I would grow tired of always writing about a certain thing and I would eventually run out of ideas of trying to keep that fresh and excited for my readers because I would get tired of it.

This site is about a lot of different things because the world is filled with so many things that I would love to experience. When people ask me what my blog is about I typically say any and everything, just depends on what you're looking for; and I'm quite alright with that. The whole point of this post is to basically do what you want without worry. There are times in life where people will want to put you in a nice and neat box that suits them and their lifestyle, rather than letting you be free and growing into something that they can't "handle". While most people stress about what to do with their blogs, (and in most cases scrapping the whole thing), I'm just sitting here coming up with a whole bunch of different plans and goals because I allowed myself to be free.

At the end of the day you'll have yourself and one one else. Don't waste time trying to fit in a perfect little box when you're meant to sail out in the open; doing whatever it is that you want to do in life.

That's just a little creative advice from a guy who strives to be the most creative version of himself each and every single day of his life.

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