July 2016

I think I should clear a thing or two up from my June update.

The one thing I want to make clear is that I will not post anything new onto Cold Knowledge after December 31st, 2016. I feel like I have a decent amount of content that a lot of people can relate to at anytime, (a point I try to make in my writing style). That much is clear right now at this point and time. I'll still send out scheduled tweets on blog posts that I have written on the blog throughout the time, but only those that are relevant. Meaning I won't be tweeting out any movie reviews or things of that nature.

Currently I'm on Medium at Medium.com/@ColdKnowledge and I promised someone that I would at least attempt to use that. I think that I will probably post once a month at this juncture. It's July so anything can happen at any point between now and then. But at this current moment in time I will be posting once a month, on the 15th's, and nothing more.

I have two main goals for time away from Cold Knowledge:

First thing would be to accomplish a lot of personal goals that I've had planned out since 2014. It's been a pretty rough and wild past year to say the least and while I've planned out pretty much everything I wanted to do, there's something that's always gotten in my way of doing them. Some of you may remember when I published (30 Things Before 30) where I highlighted things I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Well that's not the case anymore and I'm going to have to adjust that for after my birthday and I just don't like that. So in short, it's time to get some of these personal goals knocked out.

The second goal that I wanted to accomplish is actually blog related. I want to show more support for my blogger friends that I currently am. I've told people time and time again that I do not blog for the money. Being a big time money blogger is not something that I want to be, nor do I have aspirations of gathering a large following. I blog because I write about things that come from my heart and mind, so that satisfies me all that I need in this world. Not that I'm saying I wouldn't take up a blogging venture should it come my way, I'm just not actively looking for them.

I plan on lending my talents to a couple of bloggers that have reached out and want to do better with certain aspects of their blog. Then there's the whole actually taking time to read blogs and posts comments. As it currently stands I read them but I usually don't have time to afterwards to digest what I've read and make a proper comment. I don't leave uninspired comments so I try to stay away from making them too often. But the current plan is to read more, comment more, network more and help more.

I almost forgot.

I took up writing in a wrestling forum, (yes wrestling), because I'm pretty passionate about the subject matter since it was big when I was growing up. I also wanted to step outside my normal realm of writing and the topics that I touch so this made the most sense for me. If you're interested in taking a peak at what I'm writing then just check out my guest posts page here. I typically post in there once a month.

I know a lot of you all love my work and don't want me to step away from blogging, but truth be told, I need to. We all need to step back sometimes and reevaluate where we are with whatever we're doing in life, it's natural. After seven years here on Cold Knowledge and thirteen years overall, I need to step back and find some sort of balance. Plus lately I have a whole slate of ideas and topics that I want to write about that I've began to start, but ultimately I just leave it sitting in my drafts. Which my drafts are a whole other problem on its own.

But for now those are my tentative plans laid out for all of you wonderful people that keep on asking me what is next. You know where I'll be now Lol.

If you look hard enough, you'll find me.

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