My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 7 | Dru Hill

Their time near the top wasn't as long as it should have been.

It's been exactly 20 years since Dru Hill debuted on the music scene. One of the most well known R&B acts to hit the scene felt like their time on the top was short lived. They had back to back platinum albums in '96 and '98, with Dru World Order going gold in '02. While riding off the success of their first two albums from '96 until '99, it's in the middle of '99 that Woody left the group per religious reasons; seemingly ending their most successful period as a group. Later that year though Sisqó dropped Unleash The Dragon, which went five times platinum during the course of it's run. The group managed to release one more album after that, but it never recaptured the feeling the first two had. They're currently together and doing tours across the United States with new member Tao; while supposedly working on an album as well.

Now the reason why I gave that brief synopsis of the group is because most people don't realize where Dru Hill is at this current time. I manage to keep somewhat track of them when I go and Google the group after I listen to one of their songs. Updated pictures and performances from their recent tours are pretty scarce, you would probably have better luck finding Waldo in a see of six billion people. Even with all of their troubles and ten million break ups, Dru Hill remains my personal favorite from the 90's R&B era. That's due in large part to me first buying albums around that time and they were so heavily featured on the radio. Plus all the women loved Sisqó's little blonde headed ass lol. But the group definitely held it down in their own way.

For me Beauty would be their most famous song that anyone will ever hear.

That song is an all time classic, being used at weddings and in the bedroom since it came out in '99. And before that they had about ten other songs that people loved by them. What makes their songs withstand the test of time is the fact they are relatable in every since of the word. Whether it's asking you what you really want from the person in "Tell Me", telling you that "I Should Be .." the one when your significant other is trouble, or the heartbreaking melody of '5 Steps". There is pretty much a Dru Hill song for all occasions if you actually take time to look at their catalogue. When compared to other groups from that time they are definitely not a match to crack the top five; but in the same breathe they can be called underrated and under appreciated by most.

For me they'll live on and on forever for what they did with their first three albums and few soundtrack appearances that they made. Can they recapture the magic? More than likely not since the time of R&B has shifted away from that kind of style. Do they hold a significant place in R&B history? Without a shadow of a doubt. My only regret is that the group didn't work their problems out more in the first part of the 00's and make one last strong album before they departed. But I will continue to appreciate them and all that they did, because after all, they gave us the most beautiful love song of all time.

1996 | Dru Hill

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