The Forgotten Poems, Vol. 1

So I was gathering up all the things that I have written and posted to the net since 2009, and lord there is a lot, and I came across 8 poems that I posted to Facebook. I actually have a whole live book out here somewhere that I need to find, but in the mean time I don't have any shame to my game in sharing these with you guys. I liked them so hopefully you guys will too. Enjoy!
Poem One | Outside The Garden

In the garden lies all the flowers, some short, some tall, some smart, some beautiful, but my flower doesn't wish to be with them at all. In the garden lies flowers that are pampered & nurtured, but out in the unknown wild is where this flower prefers. It doesn't wish to lie with those that settle for ordinary, but rather go out experience heart ache and pain, all with the hopes of finding a love so extraordinary, that it would make her want to stay, even when the situations get a little hairy. Outside the garden, there are no water hose or new soil or grain, instead there is only the natural earth & the beautiful calming rain. Inside the garden, there's nowhere to go, & they are all in someone's reach, but unlike those flowers, this flower is outside in it's favorite place, right by the beach. Inside the garden is not somewhere the best flowers reside, bit they are the ones out in the world, not seen to the naked eye.

Somewhere out in the world, in a field of flowers, lies one special daisy, that has all the powers. It's not the tallest flower, the prettiest flower or the best smelling flower. It's just a flower, that loves being outside the garden, by the beach, in the field of other beautiful flowers.


Poem Two | When A Nice Guy Smiles

There's something special about when a girl can touch a nice guy deep down inside, he get's this sort of shining twinkle in his eye. Not just because of her beautiful smile, but because of what she does that's worth wild. She's a saving grace when all else seems lost, and the nice guy the nice guy knows that's something worth keeping at any cost.

She walks, she stops, she talks, then listens. she breaths, she smiles, hell it's something about her smile that gets to me. Her lips, her hair, just the way her clothes cover her underwear, has my mind so rattled, I don't think there is a straight thought in my head anywhere. It's funny how she conceives these emotions in me, it's like her heart and my mind had sex, and the relationship we share is our baby. Well perhaps that maybe, she is that kind of girl, or should I say lady, to make me see, that there are such things as dreams and that reality can actually produce a beautiful black queen.

Poem Three | Hollow Model

Look at the super model with a heart so hollow, she takes men's money, mind's & pride all with one swallow, which forces the big time losers to stare at her ass and just follow her money maker, breath taker, and if you try to holla, it'll take a lot more than money, clothes and cars to break her. see what you don't know is that she's way more than show. She's pride, courage, and determination, all wrapped up in a bundle, ready for export. So for now she'll model your clothes and take those pictures just to be a good sport.

Because one day, when she's saved her photo shoot and model money, and she'll start to act funny. No more club's or no more dub's, and surely no more remedial dudes with ego's to rub. She'll take her agenda to a higher level, a place so high, it'll make your range rovers, blinged out watches and brand new white tee's look like pebbles. She'll get a guy who never went to the club, but always did what he had to do, who had friends and not a crew, who always had a dream of what he wanted to do. She'll start that family with him, and get her dream house, with her dream of always having food in her mouth. And when those pictures become some pawn shop posters, she won't mind, because those will only remind her of a time when she was on her grind.

So go ahead look at the super model with a heart so hollow, she takes men's money, mind's & pride all with one swallow, which forces the big time losers to stare at her ass and just follow her money maker, breath taker, and if you try to holla, it'll take a lot more than money, clothes and cars to break her. Because in the end, she's going to make do, make her life, make heart, and most importantly make her dreams come true.

Poem Four | Love That Loves Like This Type Love

What happen to the days of our parents, or our parents parents; When love was so Apparent. When They Said Those Sacred Vows, The Very Heavens Could Here It. Damn The Male's Race, For Quickening The Pace, For Being In A Constant Mode of Disgrace, All So They Can Have Something To Fill That Void In Their Heart, Or Rather I Say Space.

But All of It Isn't On The Males, It's The Woman Who Also Must Be Held Accountable, For We Follow Your Lead. Because If You Take Us To Water, We Drink, You Put Holes In Our Boat, Well Together We Sink, And If You Push Us To Be Great, Then Together We Think. But Courage, Valor, & Loyalty, Among Other Things, Have All Taken A Back Seat. To Who?! To Rudeness, Crudeness, And Other Shit That Stinks.

But I Stand Before You As One Black Man, With One Simple Black Man Plan: Find A Woman Who Loves Me For Who And What I Am. I Want Love To Find Me. So I Sit Back, Sit Back & Make Mistakes, & If I Don't Know What It Takes, I Know This Much: Its Not Too Much To Ask For Shoulder To Lean, Or A Tender Touch. A Good Night Kiss, And Refusal of The Butt. Because We Respect Women Who Don't Give It Up To Fast. Well Real Men Do Anyway, The Other Boys Are Ass.

See I Know That There Is One Who Wants To Love For Him, Her And HIM. So In The End When She Stands In Front of Him, They Wont Be She, Her, or We, They Will Be Them. See She Hopes To Love For This Kind of Love, Stand Together And Hold Hands Type Love, Or Go To The Ends of The Earth, Build A Bridge To Space, And Float Around Aimlessly Til She Floats Into His Spaceship Type Love. That's The Winnie Mandela Type Love, The 1960's Civil Rights, Coretta Scott King Type Love, or Even More Up To Date With That Michelle Obama Type Love. Really & Truthfully Though, That's The Be In Love With A Dude With Big Ears Named Barack From Chicago Type Love.

But That Kind of Love Starts With Me, Or Rather I Say Us. Because In The End All We Have Is Us. So When The Day Comes When Either of Us Have To Leave This Earth, We Wont Be Sad, & We'll Definitely Be Far From Hurt. Because We'll Know We That We Lived Our Days Like Our Parents, Or Our Parents Parents, When Love Was So Apparent, When They Said Those Sacred Vows, The Even The Angels Who Live In The Heavens Could Here It.

That's The Love With This Type Love, Loves Like.

Poem Five | The Food Tastes Just Right

When the food tastes just right, then every thing looks perfect within in eye sight. But in hindsight it makes you realize everything that was bad is actually good. Not because they didn't happen .. but because you wished they would. All the misery .. all the cries .. all the tears .. led up to this moment when the days turned to months .. and they slowly passed into years. When happiness cures pain .. and smiles fade the worst fears.

We've all had our good [Dreams] & some of us even had [Pretty Wings] .. but everything looks good and bad on paper .. it's just [Human Nature] .. but what happens when you have constant day dreams of boats to Santa Anna .. so when mentions of failure .. you smile & can't help but laugh at [Dirty Diana] .. cause it can't be.

So what happens when the food tastes just right .. you just have to live for the moment .. and hope that Day never turns into night .. because anything else just doesn't seem right.

Poem 6 | Angel 

You're an angel that nobody can see,
Still an angel is what you are to me.
An angel from heaven is what you are,
In my sky you're definitely a heavenly star.

You're an angel with beauty and grace,
You're kind and sweet, you have an angel face.
You have very graceful angel wings,
Happiness, joy, and love are just some things,

That an angel can give, and to me you given,
In my heart and on my mind, is where you livin'.
You have hair as soft as cotton,
A guardian angel is what I've gotten.

Your eyes are like diamonds that shine bright,
When everything is dark, you give me the light.
You're an angel that gives me a reason to live,
You're the angel that teaches me to give.

You're the angel that makes me live another day,
You're the angel that teaches me the right things to say.
You're my angel and you'll always care,
You're my angel and you know I'll always be there.

Poem Seven | Stay 

When patience becomes tested
And cages start to get rattled
All you can do is face the battle.

When words become strained
And every thing is taken in vain
All you can do is stay sane.

When feelings become hurt
And tears become snubbed
All you can do is ..

Stay in love.

Poem 8 | Last Night I Wrote A Poem 

Last night I wrote a poem, about what I wanted to say
Last night I wrote a poem about my views of today
I wrote a poem about my feelings and what bothers
I wrote something special for all the sorry ass fathers
I wrote a poem about the world and its current problems
I wrote something for my people, I wrote somethin for all of them
Last night I wrote a poem about feelings of above
Last night I wrote a poem about my very first love
I wrote a poem about problems and their solutions
I wrote a poem about the many revolutions
I wrote a silly poem about all the serious stuff
I wrote a poem about fat politicians steadily getting stuffed
Last night I wrote about the beautiful Aaliyah and Left Eye
Last night I wrote about exactly why I lie
I wrote a poem about my college and my work
I wrote something on real life and all that I am worth
I wrote a poem about all the slaves and their masters
I wrote a poem about me and why I’m so passive
I wrote a poem about what makes me so different from Dan
I wrote a poem about what is going on in the Sudan
Last night I wrote a poem about what needed to be said
Last night I wrote a poem that will be read long after I’m dead
Last night I wrote a poem ..

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