African King, African Queen

Recently I've come to the conclusion that as an African-American male, within reasonable sound mind and own thinking, it's my duty and responsibility to love my African-American Queens. In a country, where a system is in place to divide and cause tension within our own race, a system that our ancestors wanted no parts of , it's my job to uplift her in every way I can possibly do that's constructive to growth and advancement of our people, more importantly, our family.

This was originally supposed to be a blog about natural hair and other things that men nit-pick about in our women that really annoyed me. But as I sit here and I write this, it's much deeper than appearance and preferences. Now I understand that not every single person will be within their own conciseness to form educated opinions, some are just forever devoid of thought and rationality. One of the many life lessons learned as an adult, some people just are stupid to the point where they need a leader, someone to say, "Hey, this is stupid because it's trying to tear you down and make you worse off instead of better". Nothing is wrong with that because at some point in all of our lives, we need leadership; no one got anywhere they were just by knowing every single thing. Mainly life is all about imitation, whether you expound upon it or you just make it worse, that what life is for 99% of people on this planet.

Of course you have those people that step out of the crowd and take everything they see in a certain situation and make a new way, the pioneers. The people say, "Hey, all of these ways are stupid, let's try something different". Now the reason I described all of that is because a lot of people fail to realize that, the African-American race is the most sought after race in terms of imitation. Whether it is in entertainment, sports, politics or even religion, we are often examined and tried to be replicated best as can be. That is not downing another race, that's not being racist, that's just facts.

From all the way during the beginnings where Alexander came through and chopped off the nose on the Sphinx pyramid because he couldn't believe that a race that was not white could build such feats, so he chopped off the nose to other civilizations wouldn't know who built them exactly. Fast forward a couple of years in history, they came and pillaged our great country of teachings and fortune, so they turned to our people and when they did that, slave owners cut off the penis' of black men because they felt inferior to the physique that we possess, so they figured by doing that they would make us feel inferior at the notion of losing our manhood and unable to reproduce. Fast forward some more years, when we were making strides, they killed our leaders. No if's and's or but's, they killed Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Fred, Harry and Harriette Moore. You could even look to the new leaders, Tookie Williams who turned his life around in prison and penned children's novels and preached for peace in the streets between the Bloods and the Crips, who were founded as an answer to the lack of support the community was receiving from local, state and federal governments to make life better for people in Los Angles. Tupac & Biggie as two rappers who realized the system that which they were in wasn't what was needed to be promoted, so as soon as they make their turn to be more conscience, they were assassinated. I think this was around the same time that the whole conspiracy to privatize prisons and fill them with young African-American males through the help of gangster rap music that was mainstreamed in the early 90's.

Now people will read that paragraph and will start yelling out, "where are the facts to support all of those claims?" Well I don't need any facts because I can see the trickledown effect in each and every one of those events. I could also point out how about every decade there's always some new evidence that implements the government, whether it be the evidence of the FBI infiltrating the Nation and causing a rift between the Malcolm and other various leaders, or how mysteriously the murder of Martin was said to be by James Earl Ray who later recanted and nothing more was made of it. I could go on and on about each and every one of them about the circumstances of it, but at the end of the day, my point being made is that our race, our family has been sabotaged, brainwashed and publicly assassinated for thousands of years, why? Because they want what we have because what we have, we are grateful for

Now we get to present day where it's always a discussion on preferences of African-American Queens, and how us as African-American males always create the light skin vs. dark sin, the natural vs. the relaxed or even the skinny vs. the well-shaped women in our race. What I've noticed is that there are an abundance of African-American women that has finally said they had enough and are starting to do what they want. I think for me, the trend of natural hair really kicked in around 2009'ish, I could be wrong, but that's when I saw the uptick in women saying they're tired of the "creamy crack" & did the big chop. I have had numerous female friends come to me concerned about how they look after they did it, and was worried about what men would say in regards to their appearance, and when I say I had a lot of friends, I've had a lot of friends come to me. My advice to them every single time,

"That is your body, you made a decision to make a major change and to do something that is more healthy for you, so if you feel like you made the right decision, live with it, men will love you if you are bald and in command of how you feel about yourself, you don't need our approval, you don't even need our support, but you'll get the latter when you start caring about your opinion and yours only".

And I mean that, it just bothers me how dudes are actually serious when they think that they can sit and tell a woman, an African-American woman that she can't wear her hair naturally. That is how her hair is supposed to be, it's supposed to be full, it's supposed to be big, it's supposed to be curly, it's supposed to have definition and just be full of life. Now I'm not knocking women who get perms at all, because at the end of the day, that's your decision, and I will ride with you to the end. I will make some suggestions about being natural because I've seen studies about the long term effects of putting the chemicals in your hair, but after that conversation, I'm going to ride with you because your hair isn't going to define the love that have for each and every one of you.

My love for you is predicated on me, and I will love you and ride for you all until the wheels come off and we're sliding down the street on pure axils. Now during that ride you may get on my nerves and you may even warrant some side eyes from me, but I will never give up on you. And that's the problem today, too much casting aside because she doesn't fit your preferences and stereotypes as said by so many rappers. I found that the most beautiful women are those who are the most comfortable in their skin and who they are. I don't know if it's because that's who I surround myself with, but it's always so refreshing to see that around me.

With so many public executions of our your African-American men, blatant racism in the media and court rooms, and most certainly us not helping our case with all these domestic violence incidents in the news, it's time to stop worrying about that woman who bought her ass or that woman who's head think looks nappy, and start supporting the only people on this planet that has supported us African-American men from day one and with more passion that anyone one else, our African-American Queens, or better yet, our African Queens. I've said it from day one, and I'll say it til' the day I die, the most important thing after God, the most precious thing in this whole entire world is the African Queen. She is the starter of worlds and the keeper of the sun, moon and stars. Without them, we are literally nothing, nothing at all. Most men are so stuck in their own brainwashed and foolish ways to never know the long term effects the love our African Queens can bring to us. That love is motivation that can never be duplicated.

But until that day my African Queens can come together and support each other that they all are different and one in the same, and til’ my fellow African Kings step up and lead our communities, there is going to be full out war on our the things that we hold dear from those wishing to steal our very identities, each other, our families, our communities, our love.

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