My Testimony To Love | H.E.R., Part III

I thought I'd never love again
I thought my life was over and
I didn't want to face nor even see another day
Suddenly from no where, baby you appeared
You dried my tears, you cared for me
Baby your love for me, truly rescued me
It's becuase of you, I was able to
Fall in love again, you give me
Someone to love.
- Jon B.

I actually wrote this on December 26th, 2013. I decided to put it out now just because I wanted to, plus it's a daily reminder of what love feels like. I hope you enjoy. 

hmm ..

What is love .. love is love .. people think they have a grasp what it is .. and they think they know what it is. But they really don't. Love is so hard to explain .. so hard to think or imagine what it is ..and so hard to believe in. I've come to learn that .. time and time again. Whether it be with my parents, with friends, or with past girlfriends. But I've been through enough heartache, pain and misery to know this, Love cannot be seen, heard, or explained. Love is .. well love is love .. and you can only feel it. Love is an emotion so bound by your senses and morals, that it simply is that complex. People say relationships can't last on love by itself .. I say that's the most redundant statement ever. You say ooo relationships are good where communications are great, honesty is great, commitment is there, well frankly what people don't realize is that Love is the driving force behind all of that .. when communication is great, it's because you LOVE to talk to the person, when honesty is great, it's because you LOVE being honest, even if it means telling some bad stuff, and when commitment is there, it's because you LOVE to be with that person and only that person. Love is any and everything .. it's all you need. I'm tired of hearing stories where people say "Oh I loved them so much that I let them leave so I could get head or have sex with this girl .. blah blah blah" that's the most asinine thing I've ever heard in my life. I've come to the conclusion people in my age range [18-25] is all confused to as what love is &a the generation coming up is going to be even worse off. But whatever you think Love is, forget it, because about 95% of you are wrong. If you can't imagine yourself giving someone your all, giving up dreams for them, sacrificing yourself for them, or even killing someone for them .. then it's not love.

Love is not perfect by any stretch of the mind. It's faults and failures, heartache and pain, and it's misery. because without those events, how the hell you know how to push, and fight for happiness. How do you know that these are little tests to see if God thinks your meant for a Love like that? There is always sun in the sky, but there's also always the night. But the daytime has clouds and the night has the moon and stars. If you can understand the meaning of that statement, then you know what Love means. It's just so hard to explain how I'm feeling right now because I Love this girl so much, it's not even funny. She seriously completes me, like, of course we've had our own problems, and things have happened, but instead of running at the first sign of trouble, I remembered who she was, and what she meant to me. I stuck it out, I grind my teeth, and put my foot down. I refused for her love to leave me. I went against morals, self rules that I had for myself, and most of all, I went against my pride. When I did that very action, I knew she was here to stay. & it's paid off so greatly. I'm dating the most beautiful woman that I've ever met in my life, inside and out. What she show's me, and does for me, is simply amazing. I Love texting to her all day, I Love talking to her all night, I Love to tell her I Love her every single day, I Love her funny little snoring thing, I Love that she she sleeps wild, I Love that she tries to beat me up, I Love that she always keeps me on top of my game, I Love the fact that she knows that I'm trying the best I can with the best that I have, I Love her because she Loves me for who I am. & thank god every single day for making this beautiful woman in his image.

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