Central Intelligence Movie Review

One of the most entertaining movies I've seen in awhile.

As soon it was announced that the Rock and Kevin Hart would be in a movie together that it was going to be nothing but laughs. That was pretty much a gimmie due to the fact that the Rock is probably the biggest action star on the planet right now and Kevin Hart is the biggest comedian. But the one thing that both of these guys share in common, their out of this world work ethic. Then chip in the fact that both can flip the switch between being flat out funny and being serious, well you have a recipe for a great movie.

I walked away particularity impressed on how the two shared the screen with each other. It was a masterfully done job in the sense that neither tried to over act or be bigger than the other when on the screen together, (which virtually was the whole entire movie). The plot points were there and it wasn't just a random, throw two stars into a movie together type of deal. This movie had a background, a reason and then it solved all of those problems. I didn't really catch too many trailers beyond the first one and I didn't research it like other films because I wanted to be surprised a little, and I'm glad it paid off.

The movie was ok in the plot department but the reason it exceeded expectations is because of it's two stars. I'm definitely going to go with a solid B on this one due to the fact that it had great acting from the two most important people, but the plot was a tad bit rushed and underdeveloped. I'm not a fan of high profiled casting going to waste and that was definitely the case with the main villain in this one. There were two surprises in there that wasn't in any of the trailers that made me appreciate this movie more.

I'm definitely going to recommend this one to you guys and gals in hopes that you see it. If you did manage to see it already I'd like to know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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