Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review

Oh this movie ..

For starters it's definitely not as bad as everyone has been saying it is. This movie is about as true to 90's action movies as you can get with the best types of graphics money can buy. I wouldn't go as far as saying this is one of those movies where it will change your life, but it is definitely worth the watch if you're into your movies being a quick hitter. Essentially all 90's action movies didn't waste too much time on plot details, rather they wanted it to be all about big bangs and explosions. This sequel would have been better suited for the 90's and followed up with a part three there as well. Then you could have made a soft reboot of it with the same young stars that are poised to take it over.

But being set literally 20 years after the first events I'm not at all with how it went.

I know a lot of people were complaining about the run time as well but I didn't mind it at all and barely noticed it honestly. It's just one of those things where people will give attention to what they want to and when they want to. Roughly two hours for a film is not bad at all, I think that's the typical length of a movie these days. The last stretch of the film was a nice touch to me; it showed that it wasn't going to end how we thought it was going to end and that paid off with a satisfying end to an otherwise passable sequel.

The plot points where there as well. To me they transitioned from the star power that was in the first one to the new cast rather nicely. The major deaths that occurred highlighted the best attributes of that character and it added a nice plot point to the movie. The only negative I have is the odd couple of Dikembe Umbutu and Floyd Rosenberg. While I understand their importance, the odd couple formal unfortunately doesn't work quite well for me personally.

Basically this movie is a solid C.

The pacing went from moderate to full out, something that a lot of people don't typically like. I know folks want their plot lines to develop and all of that jazz, but like I said before, this is a action flick at the end of the day. The plot lines simply don't matter because it's all about the boom and explosions. The first one was cut and dry and outlined what it was going to be the second time around. Aliens came back because of a distress call and it was up to us to defeat the backup crew, nothing more and nothing less than that. We got to see what the next enemy could look like and we setup the plot for the potential sequel in the ending moments of the movie, not much more you can do after that.

At the end of the day this is a movie for folks that have seen the first and have been waiting on a sequel. It's also a movie for folks that just want a great action movie without having to go through the hassle of watching another movie just to understand this one. Like I said before, the plot is pretty simple: aliens came to destroy us, we won. They came back again, we had to defend ourselves, and we won again. I'm ready for the next phase in the movie when they venture into outer space. This means that we will get to see some cool spaceships finally.

What did you think of the sequel? Did you like it or loathed it? Leave in the comments below.

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