Rants & Raves XII

I've heard these discussions a million times over.

I was even asked about one fairly recently, for reason I don't know. I just want to point out that I'm a simple man that loves simple things. That includes eating meat with my shirt off while watching some sporting event in the comfort of my own home. I also like drinking at small bars during happy hour with cool people who have stories to tell, lets me know that others have been living life outside of the boundaries as I try to everyday. And I also like the fact that I don't delve into other peoples business and that they carry on about their life in a manner as to which it doesn't disturb mine.

Basically all that means is I live my life for me and other peoples lives are their own.

More ways than one Feminism is basically about women not wanting to be bothered, over analyzed or criticized for the things that they do. And by large I agree with what's being said because I would want the same thing if I was a woman in this world. To be quite honest here, I don't really understand how in 2016 we still discuss how women should "act" when we have a ton of history of how those standards never worked in the first place. And by large I never tell anyone how to act if it's not the way I'm acting personally.

This all goes back to people not having any business of their own to mind and take care of. I know that at the end of the day other peoples actions indirectly affect me whether I like it or not, I accept that. What I can't accept is other people forcing standards of living on other people that have been proven to be wrong, flawed and not practiced by the person trying to enforce it.

Which brings me to the point of this entry of Rants & Raves: the way women are perceived by society.

Personally I don't like answering questions about how another person should or shouldn't live because I'm not that person who has to live it. To offer my opinion about something like that is the equivalent of me trying to tell LeBron James or Bill Gates how to manage their money or go about their respective careers. That's just not my lane of life to be telling them what to do, and once again I have to state that I don't really care to either.

But since I'm always being asked what my stance on these topics are, I'm going to share them because for some reason people love to hear my opinions on the topics at hand, so let me put it out there for the world to read. Hopefully I don't make too many people mad about these five things that I decided to speak on lol.

Your Hair

For the longest of times I was one of those guys that liked a certain type of women, light skin with long hair. Now if we're going for that whole weird Oedipus Complex deal then my mom was light skin with long hair, so that's that. But it's not until I actually found myself and started gravitating towards women that I actually vibe with that I noticed I like natural hair. This is a big disagreement amongst many guys that I know and myself in a sense that they like the women with perms and all of that other jazz, which is cool too. My whole reasoning for liking women with natural hair is because one it's better for them health wise in the long run.

I know a lot of women that worry about their hair falling out when they start to reach the ages where that kind of stuff can happen. I'm all for women doing whatever they want with their hair, they can perm it, cut all off, nap it up, do whatever it is they want with it because it's their hair. There are millions of people on this planet, one guy is going to like you for what you do with yours because it's what you chose to do and you're completely happy with it. All of these people telling you what you should and shouldn't do with your hair can bite the dust, find out what your hair type is and how it grows and rock on out from there, you'll be happier in the end with yourself.

Your Body

And since we're talking about hair, we might as well talk about your bodies. My whole thing about bodies is that they are all different, and they all offer something the other doesn't. This whole standard that you HAVE to be a certain size is not only absurd but also unhealthy. The standards of beauty have always been created by those who don't really understand what beauty is. Beauty isn't something that can be physically seen but it's more of an emotion. If a woman is confident in her appearance, walks with her head held high and doesn't bend to the opinions from others on how she should look, then she's beautiful, no other way around that.

I mean the same could be said for men in reverse, but we're not talking about us right now. To me that is the key here, confidence in oneself about how they look, because if it's a positive one and you believe in yourself, then you definitely will succeeding at transcending that nonsensical standard set by others. I do promote healthy living though, so don't just go around looking crazy and then making excuses for the way you look, that's not how it works. Just like with your hair, learn your body, understand what it can't and can do health wise, then go from there. Main thing here is to learn your body and to take care of it, you only have one.

Your Sex Life

This is where a lot of the disconnect happens.

There is a big difference between being a hoe and woman that has causal sex. Majority of men can't disseminate between the two, while the others know, but can't handle the fact that a women that they like is out there not waiting on them to have sex. I get into arguments all of the time about this with guys that I know because they feel as though women should only be having sex while in a relationship, with them. Me personally, I just can't bring myself to care about this at all for the simple fact that I'm not the one who is dating this woman.

Usually if I'm feeling a nice young lady then I will let it be known, even then it's up to her to decide if she want to stop having causal sex with other guys. The only time I would want her to stop is if we're getting serious to the point where we are about to start dating. That's when you should at the very least put things on chill and see where this goes, because that's what I would do. I don't want to overly complicate things by still having sex with other people while dating another, that's borderline disrespectful in most aspects.

I don't have a single problem with causal sex at all, as long as your safe and smart about it. A lot of people take casual sex and ruin it because they don't practice safe sex or some form of birth control where you prevent yourself from getting into awkward positions in life. Your sex life is your sex life, do with it as your please. I'm not against casual sex at all because we all need it from time to time, but what I'm not down for is a woman that is a hoe. And I'm not even saying that because of her sexual lifestyle, I'm actually saying that because usually those tendencies are deeply rooted in other mental and emotional problems that she may have, and I'm simply not ready for all of that.

Your Womanhood

You don't have to prove it to anyone.

I was asked what lengths a woman should go to just to prove that she's a good woman. My answer for that was simple: no greater one than I am to prove that I am a man. It's annoying seeing all of the women do things for men and they end up being trashed, and vice versa. You have to lean that at the end of the day, you're going to make you happy, you're going to make you believe that there is something good in this world worth having because you believe that you are good in this world and worth having. It might not be today or tomorrow, but there will come a day when a man will see what you see and value you at a level higher than you will ever know.

Having to jump up and down and say "hey look at me, I'm a woman" isn't needed at all. If you're ever in that kind of position to where you feel the need to do that, then you've already lost. Sadly most women don't realize this because they are stuck in situations where they simply just don't know any better. But if you're reading this then you're in great shape because I can say to you that you are worth more than you know and that you can get more than you ever dreamed of. If you feel unappreciated, then go somewhere by yourself and do awesome things until a man comes along and sees that, maybe he's right you, maybe he's not, but you'll be in the position to decide that or not.

Your Life

You would think this and womanhood means the same thing, but it doesn't.

Your life is the culmination of everything on this list and so much more. Your life is your life and no one else's to own. You have to look in the mirror every single morning and face the person that you are. You have to come to terms with where you are in life, what you want to do with your life and how you go about getting that. Most men will try to hold you back and say that you should act like this, dream like this and live like this when in reality you probably shouldn't. For a long time I always wondered why a woman wanted to be a stay at home mom, I honestly thought she was just lazy.

It wasn't until later that I realized that women are the nurtures, so it's natural that they want to stay at home and raise children. There's nothing wrong with that at all now that I've been educated on the matter multiple times over, but it's still not for me. And there's nothing with that because I made a choice and I saw what kind of woman that I wanted from the way I went out and learned about what I liked about myself and didn't like. That's the one thing I want to stress to everyone and more importantly women; learn who you are and what you want, then go after and get it.

Don't let some man tell you that you have to be a housewife or that you should go out and get a job. Don't let a man tell you that you should be acting like this or dressing some way that doesn't make you feel comfortable. Don't let some man tell you that you can't take medication that helps with your body and pains that he can't even begin to comprehend. Don't let some man tell you that you are not enough when in reality he's not enough. Don't let some man tell you that you can't do the things that you want to do because you're a woman and that you can't do them, because you most definitely can.

Do not let some man tell you that women are inferior and that they should only do what a man tells them to do because that is not the case in any circumstance. Women are the begin of everything and the end of everything. We come from you and we live to protect you because yore the only thing on this planet outside of the environment that can create whole kingdoms within nine months. Women can do so many beautiful things and make the world look so beautiful from many different aspects.

You are just awesome all around and when you're clicking and on the top of your game, you can't be replaced; you just can't.

So just remember that whenever you get down on your luck because of some man that's not appreciative of who you are, just look in the mirror and realize that you are a woman, the most precious commodity on this planet.

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