June 2016

I have an announcement: effective December 31st, 2016 I'm ending Cold Knowledge.

Yes you read that right, I will officially quit, (or retire for a lack of a better word), on the very last day of this year. For those that are really close to me and in my tribe, they know that I've been battling this idea last year when I took my mini break. So it's not something new that just magically fell out of the sky and landed in my lap; it's been brewing for quite awhile.

I'm not going to really dive into why exactly I feel the need to retire away from the blogging world other than I'm very tired at this point in time. When I started blogging it was never my intention to be more than just a guy who writes about the things that he's been through and try to hit on a bunch of different topics that made feel things. I tried to write about a variety of things because I didn't want the word "niche" to define who I am as a person.

But sometimes when it's time, it's simply just that time.

I told my closes confidants this awhile back, none of them agreed with my decision to leave, but they respect it none the less. That's all I ask you wonderful people because I know most of you will feel inclined to tell me about myself or persuade me to stay on and push through whatever is bothering me. But I'm here to tell you that it won't work out, I'll just ignore it and keep the goal within reach. I know that sounds rude, but it is what it is, I made my peace.

I don't know what I'm going to do after this or even if I'm going to walk away from Cold Knowledge completely. The site will always be up and you'll be able to check out of all my writings, but there won't be any new content here. I'm currently working on a couple of different side projects that will take me awhile to complete or even put together, so I'll talk about those more a little later when it comes time to promote them here.

I hope you all can forgive and understand why I'm stepping away.

It's life man, things happen like that sometimes. I'll always be around in some shape or form, just not within the public eye lol. But to all of my loyal readers, I'll post some awesome bloggers who should feel the need to read Cold Knowledge. To my blogger buddies, it's going to be a great time regardless if I'm here or not. But if you should ever need advice about anything, or simply just to read something and tell you what I think, I'll just be one call away.

Until next time!

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