My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 2 | R. Kelly

Let's get into the controversial pick of mine early in this game.

I already know the reasons as to why a lot of people won't ever listen to R. Kelly, and I do not blame them at all. I can't say that I'm not one of those people that are totally disgusted at all of the evidence against him, but the fact still remains, I listen to his old music. I won't apologize for it, nor will I make excuses for it either. I listen to his music because it's a choice of mine and if the day comes when I decide not to listen anymore, then we had a good ride together, Robert.
Aside from all of the stuff he has going on with his life, R. Kelly has managed to put together one of the best resumes in music, period. It's like when you think of Pop you think of Michael Jackson, when you think of Rock you think of the Beatles or Elvis Presley, when you think of Reggae you think of Bob Marley. So when people think of R&B then they will think R. Kelly, (depending on who you ask). Whether you like it or not, his name is synonymous with what made 90's R&B great.

During the 90's R&B time frame you couldn't help but see R, Kelly on the scene, his songs frequented popular black movies and even mainstream ones. Every great artist has their one hit that transcends any generation and can be played at any time, arguably his hit would be in the form of I Believe I Can Fly from that Space Jam soundtrack. And also having worked with legends such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Charlie Wilson, The Isley Brothers and so many other great R&B acts.

Like I said, I still listen to a ton of his old music when I'm chilling and writing in peace. The few times I played his stuff while "getting into the mood" it's yielded positive results. So for me listening to R. Kelly is a whole different experience for the simple fact that I listen because he was a big part of musical life from back when I was a kid and growing into an adult during my high school years. Listening to him is a choice that I made, so don't be too mad with the fact that I have him on this list, because I certainly still sleep at night just fine.

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