My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 9 | Jazmine Sullivan

She has talent that's hard to match on any level.

You know the moment I realized that Jazmine Sullivan was a really great singer? When I was watching that Temptation movie and her song came on and it actually snatched some emotions right out of my soul and through my chest. In Love With Another Man was at the time a song that I related to way too heavily. For everything that I was going through at the time it hit home and made me think deeply on the whole situation when I refused to do so. It was that song that made me come to my senses and made me do what I had to do. And that's the mark of a great artist, they make you think when you don't want to and more importantly they make you feel when you need to feel.

That's the mark of Jazmine though, she creates songs that make your true emotions escape that place you put them and march to the forefront. It's crazy to think that she hasn't released a bad album yet but she doesn't get the recognition she deserves from the masses. Her production, her lyrics, her voice are all on par with being with the best of the best these days. Whenever someone comes up to me and begins a conversation with R&B isn't as great as it once was, I always point them in the direction of Jazmine. She embodies perfectly what it means to be an R&B / Soul songstress. Fearless is my favorite CD from her seeing as you can just play it straight through with no skips or pauses.

There is plenty of praise in my tank that I can whip out of Jazmine but I'd rather you just open up whatever streaming service that you have and click play. You won't be disappointed in what you hear at all. If you're looking for that "real" R&B sound that folks like to complain about so much, look no further, Jazmine has all of the music you need to bring you back to that level of love, (or she can make your world come crashing down around you).

She's just that great .. 

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