My Kingdom III

My kingdom is growing.

I mean that's kind of the point and theme with this series of columns, to be better than where I was when I wrote the last one. This year it felt for a long time that I was hustling backwards and that I needed to change something every single second of the way. To be fair there were a lot of moments where I couldn't just relax and take things in stride, I HAD to step it up or risk being lost in the shuffle. Sometimes you just have to do what's necessary for your situation. I can kind of equate that to having to go to war and defend the progress that I made over the last couple of years from folks that didn't want to see me doing well for myself. And I didn't think that was actually a thing until I started listening to what they were saying and how they were moving around me. I would see the sneaky stuff they would try to do and the folks that they thought they were getting on their side would come back to me and tell me about the things that they tried to do or said about me when I wasn't around; (shout out to those real friends right there).

That whole situation was taken care off rather quickly once my attention was turned there. I don't really have time for games from anyone and I don't do the whole shady thing with someone near me. But the whole point of that story is that I realized that I wasn't paying close attention to my personal and social life since I was more so worried about the financial impacts of what was going on. While it was a thing that I needed to focus on, you can't skip out on the other parts of your kingdom in order to make sure one is alright. When ruling you have to make sure that every part of your kingdom and all of the people that make it up are good, or else you run the risk of losing the kingdom and being broken down into nothing. And that's the main thing that I grew from this year, toxic people. Once I left them alone, the people that I needed to be around, came around and stayed.

And that's the great thing about life, it all works out.

Managing your kingdom equally is a tedious task, especially when a lot of people require a lot different things from you. You have to have that perfect balance to maintain all things in your life at proper levels. Am I saying that if you do it right then you won't have any problems and everything will be perfect? Not at all. What I'm saying is that if you do it right then things will eventually work themselves out in the end and you won't be as stressed as everyone else who seeks to do you harm will be. And that's the biggest thing that I learned this year, just how to manage my time a little bit better, or at the very least I know what I need to do to manage that time. With that being applied to the later months, my life has become sort of relaxed to say the least. And that's important for the time that we live in, either you're stressing or you're going to be really good with where you are.

And that's what I'm working on, how to be good with where I am and learning to appreciate all things in my life right now. I have a lot of great things going on and I'm just trying to find that balance between it all. But 2016 has made it all clear that it's time for something to change even past the point of what I'm changing already. I guess you can say that's what comes with turning thirty, you start thinking about all of this stuff. But I think for me it's more so a matriculation from where I was and where I want to be. My kingdom is thriving and doing well, I'm taking the appropriate steps to make sure that there's economic and social growth for everyone involved. So thank 2016 for showing me that everyone in my circle matters and that they all need the attention to detail just like the other parts of my kingdom does.

Becoming the ruler I need to be in 2017 is going to be interesting and great at the same damn time.

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