2016: Resistance

It's easy to point out all of the terrible things that happened in 2016.

I mean after all this year took so many beloved people, both socially and personally, that people just started giving up hope midway through the year. Between losing folks that either gave us a great memory about something or provided us with some music that gave us the ability to make great memories. There were beloved animals that passed away due to human error and overreacting. Then there was war that is still waging on in the middle east and Africa that has gotten so bad that even folks on both sides of the line are debating about stepping in and doing something, again. There were riots and police shootings that still shake the country to this very day. 2016 didn't offer us anything too useful from the standpoint of things getting better after a terrible 2015.

Then after a very rigorous and racist campaign that mirrored a lot of the rhetoric from a maniacal leader that started the second world war, Donald Trump became our President elect. Between white folks voting for what they knew and minorities not getting out to the polls in full force like they should have, the country failed itself in the sense that they didn't think this would happen. Regardless of how close the polls were and how the electoral college voted, he won because no one actually thought that he would. But in the end, he did and like I said before it's all of our faults, collectively. And now the country is poised to head back in the direction that it was in before the growth of the economy and folks could pay their bills on time.

But still even in all of that fuss and confusion, hope has still shined a ray of its beauty.

I witnessed so many folks creating and making things that were wonderful and beautiful. There were political correspondents and pundits alike, that refuse to back down from the tyranny currently running rampant in this county. Yes, there are more marches and protests, but those marches and protests are starting to gain traction and folks are realizing that at the very least change needs to happen so that their money isn't messed with. But also, a lot of change came with the entertainment scene and at the very least black creatives are shining through and getting the chance to produce and create content that reflects our life and all that is recent and not dated.

While 2016 has been a pain in the ass for a lot of reasons, the good things that are going on are starting to shine through bright and clear. It's these reasons that make a lot of us optimistic about 2017 in the sense that we are putting ourselves in positions that will allow us to shine and do what we want rather than what society wants us to do. That's the beauty about it all, there are folks out there who won't accept the bullshit that is being given to us on a daily basis. You can only refute change but only for so long. Eventually that change, especially good change, will shine its head through the cracks and make you change or destroy you in the process. Yes 2016 sucked, but there are folks who aren't accepting defeat.

Those folks are leading the resistance we so desperately need for 2017.

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