My Kingdom II

I remember I use to be one of those people that always said on December 15th: "new year, new me". I use to be that person that said: "if such and such doesn't hit me up before the new year then we are done". Oh and my favorite one of all time was: "I'm going to wait until the new year to start, but for now I'm going to go in right quick and do all of this bad stuff. You know, get it out of my system before the new year comes". Yes I use to be one of those people that talked a whole big game but never backed it up with actual effort. I will admit that shamefully, but I can admit now proudly that I don't do that anymore. Why you ask?

Because of growth.

That's what 2015 was all about, growth and going after dreams. If you remember I wrote My Kingdom last year detailing all of what I plan on doing for the year. The headline of that was: "2015 is going to be better", and it most certainly didn't disappoint. I will say for the most part that I've accomplished everything on that list on a smaller scale than originally planned. I beat myself up for a couple of days when I was doing a little retrospective thinking for this piece, but then I realized I need to stop doing that. Typically I'm not of those people that are proud of whatever little gains they make, rather I'm not satisfied until the goal I set in my mind is reached. Problem is that when I set a goal it usually grows because I keep adding on to it. But when I got past that silly notion I realized something very important:

I lived with a purpose this year.
I lived like I had nothing to lose.
I lived for the first time in my life for myself. 

This year bought on a lot of change and insight to who it is I am as a man; an African American man at that. It was a tough year but what I failed to realize in my initial assessment is that I made it through and I handled it with exceptional style and moxie. Not to compare anyone here, but if most people were in my shoes, they would have failed horribly and with recourse. But since I didn't have any real help other than moral and my cousin Yolanda then I chalk this up as a win for me.

This year makes it no different than that of last years entry. I'm still aiming for more strides in this maturation process of mine. The only thing different here is that I realize that slow growth is the best thing possible for me rather than going all in and getting all that I imagined. Slow growth allows for me to take life one day at a time and appreciate all of the people who are here for me, (while I have time to) and to enjoy all of the things that I worked hard for in my life.

There's no witty quote or flashy picture for this blog, just a simple I'm ready for 2016 and all it has in store for me.
I thank the good Lord for granting me everything I received, even the bad. Because without it, none of us would be here to talk about it, period. I hope that you guys continue on your path of growing, whether you think you are or not. Growth happens everyday, you just have to have the foresight to know when it's happening and the effort to implement the changes. If you do have some in mind I wouldn't mind hearing them in my comments section below.

Happy New Years guys, until next time!

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