Elite of The Week Feature!

You guys know that I'm very humbled anytime I'm recognized by any great blogger that I know or any group that decides to feature me. With that being said I want to take time to thank one of the groups that got me back into the groove of blogging and that's The Blogging Elite. I've met some pretty cool bloggers through this group and they are very supportive when I reach out to other bloggers for certain questions that I may have. I've told the creator @TiffanyKhyla of Endless Bliss often how much I credit her blog for motivating me in the very early stages of me deciding to get back into blogging. So with this recognition it feels pretty great and that I'm still on the right path to my blogging goals. So I thank everyone over at the Blogging Elite for their hard work and dedication for keeping that group up and running so smoothly, it's greatly appreciated! I am honored and humbled for this feature!

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