The House Party Situation

Random story time ..

So I made a random trip to South Carolina with my friends the other night, and we ended up at some random persons house party. I've always loved going to house parties in South Carolina because typically they aren't filled with a bunch of foolishness. Everyone comes in with the notion of having fun and getting their dance on. When we arrived at this particular house party the people were in the early stages of chilling and drinking; the pregame lol.

I also should note that I'm not a drinker anymore, I say that to say this is one of the first times I actually sat back and had a couple of drinks. Which means that I got pretty drunk in a short amount of time. I haven't had a chance to be tipsy without any worries since college, so I just decided to go all in.
I had on sweat pants because I didn't know what we were doing when we left my house, (seeing as how it was a random trip and all). I wasn't looking like a bum though and no one at that part seemed to care anyways. I was actually wondering why people were calling this a house party instead of a kickback because no one was dressed up how they would normally be dressed like when they go to the club. I quickly realized why when the lights were dimmed and the music was cut on. Pretty much an hour into it we were all drunk in the dark basically and no one seemed to notice or care at that point.

So as I'm dancing, and just going with the flow, I noticed that there this was this one chick that was circling me all night that was talking to me off and on. Now I have to admit to you guys that I'm normally not the type pick up when a chick is hitting on me, at all. So for her to be circling me and for people to tell me after the fact that she was is pretty much a normal thing in my life lol. She was a pretty cute chick, about 5'8, pretty brown thang, you know those lovely Caribbean women folk that I adore so much.

After being at the party for however long we were there for, (at this point I've lost track of time and I'm slightly buzzed), she makes her way over to me again. At this point she's all up in my face talking because of the loud music and it being dark and all. It just so happens that at that point Sean Paul's We Be Burning comes on and that's one my favorite songs. So I'm getting hype and then the next thing you know she's dancing with me. Before I know it, Get Busy / Like Glue, Temperature and Give It Up To Me had come and we were all just having fun watching all the chicks do the dances, (which is always the best part of the party.

We all know it comes that time when it goes from being turnt into all that slow grinding mess. I say slow grinding mess because I can't dance and that's usually when I tap out and sit my behind down. So of course after the DJ, (who was killing it all night long), had that Sean Paul moment, he decided to play I'm Still In Love With You. After I stand up and try to slide to the wall all inconspicuous like, she followed me and said to me "nope, you're not sneaking away". I told her I can't really dance and she said that anyone could dance as long as the other person knew what they were doing.

So she proceeds to start dancing on me and I knew the Lord was calling me home right then and there. I just want to say that to all you Caribbean women that read this, stay away from me lol, ya'll hip rolls are too much for me.

This is where it gets interesting ..

In the midst of dancing, I get an erection. Yes for a moment I was that annoying dude at the club that gets a hard on that makes you women folk stop dancing with them. But apparently that didn't scare her off for one bit because what she proceeded to do even made me feel a little weird after the fact. I guess she felt it through my sweats big time, and sensed that I was trying to slide back some, so she pushes me up against the wall and proceeds to hit me with the nastiest grind that I ever had in my life.

She had the hip rolls, hand around the back of my neck, while she was kissing on the other side. At this point I stopped caring what was going on around me and what I was doing and fully embraced it. I forgot to point out that she was in a tank top and those jean booty shorts thing with her ass hanging out lol. So my hands were definitely all over places they shouldn't have been. As one of my homies that was with me described it as: "I thought ya'll were over there fuckin in the corner. I just turned back around and minded my own business at that point".

And here's the embarrassing part ..

My sweatpants slid down and I wear the under armor underwear, so that's basically like nothing at all. So as they slide down, I have the hardest dick ever and it was mostly disguised by my sweats. So when they slid down she felt pretty much every single thing and she loved it because bit my damn earlobe lol. Luckily it was dark in there because it would've looked really awkward to everyone else not us. But as she's dancing she runs her hand right down my crotch and grabs it and holds on to it for awhile.

But we finally stop dancing when her friends say they were leaving and she asked what we were doing after this and I told her that we weren't from the area and we were going to head back after. She invited us over to their apartment, (they were all roommates), so of course we went over there. What ended up happening is that we had sex and one of my homeboys got lucky as well, while the other one slept on the couch because the other one had a whole boyfriend.

Hey there's always that one sacrificial lamb out of the bunch lol.

And that's my story of how I was taken advantage of on the dance floor and it turned out to be a great night at the end of it all. It was all pretty random and further leads me to believe that the best things in life are the unplanned things. Oh and there is a part two to this story about what actually happened during that sex because it was funny to me and surprising to her, but that's for another day and time.

Hope you guys enjoyed, until next time.

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