Until We Meet Again, So Long!

I'm stepping away, but I'll be back shortly.

You know when I set out to blog for five days a year straight I honestly didn't think I would make it. But here I am, at the beginning of the new year and I did it successfully. There were days where I wanted to give up and just quit, there were days where I didn't know what I wanted to post, there were days where I wanted to post too much, there were days where my job got the better of me, there were days where personal problems got the better of me and there were days where the coding pissed me off so bad that I didn't want anything to do with blogging anymore.

But here I am, a year knocked down.

Honestly this has been one of the better years of my life because I fully invested myself into something that I love doing. This is the reason why I went to school for Mass Communications, because I love to talk. Not only did I set out to do a task that a lot of people thought was impossible, I set out to learn a lot more about myself, which in turn I learned more about myself than I ever would imagine. I also met some great people, (majority of them being women), along the road to bettering myself and that's something that I will never take for granted.

But with all that said I've decided to take an extended "break" from Cold Knowledge.

Now what does the word break mean? Well for starters it means that I'm taking a solid month off from everything; social networking, posting new content, making new content, the whole nine yards. I'm mentally exhausted from posting original content and always promoting it on social media, as well as coming up with a ton of drafts that I'm not doing anything with because I'm always doing other things. Plus I have a personal and career life that I need to get a better grip on at the current moment. I mean I'm doing good in most people standards, but I have a vision in my head that I want to see come to life and I need to focus on that for a bit.

I have a couple of goals for Cold Knowledge that I need to work on and I can't do that with me always having to worry about putting up new content every week. This is going to be sort of like my rebranding period where I take a step back and come back in full force. I need to figure out some of the goals that I want to accomplish and work on some of the drafts that are currently sitting in my drafts folder, (which is about to hit 600 posts at any given day now). My brain works so fast that I need to slow it down and creating more quality content and work on taking pictures for the blog lol.

If you're a blogger that I am close with, don't worry for a second, I'll still be in the background helping you guys and lending my advice as always. This is just more so along the lines of me stepping back and appreciating what I've done this year and giving people a chance to really go over my old content a little more since I'm almost at 450 posts on here. That's a lot more than most bloggers can say they put out by themselves and I'm proud of that fact. I've pretty much talked it over with my tribe and they all support it, so I'm good on my decision to do this and I'm glad they're on my side for the most part lol.

My tribe is pretty bad ass if you ask me.

Like I said before, there are a couple of goals that I want to reach and some other projects I need to work on first before I come back to posting. At the end of my self imposed hiatus it will definitely be worth it. I will still have my stuff posting to Twitter through Hootsuite and I'm looking into ads on Facebook to build brand awareness in my absence. That's why I put "break" the way I did because I'm still going to be semi working and engaging with people. I know that I'm thankful to all of those who have supported me this year and become fans over the course of this year. I'm honestly doing this for my sanity and to give you guys a better setup for when you come by. It's definitely going to be a win-win for all parties involved.

In certain cases of where a blog post is required, I will lend my expertise to another blog and post the link on my Cold Knowledge Twitter account so you guys can still catch my two cents. But that's only in special circumstances that I hope never arises.

It might be three months, it might be 6 months, it might be a year; sooner or later I will be back. It just depends on when I feel it's time to come back or the man up stairs lets me know when it's time, either way, I will be better than before.

Until next time guys.

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