December 2015

Wow, 2015 is almost over.

Last year I set out to blog consistently for 5 days a week, I've pretty much met that standard and more this past year, and I'm quite proud of myself. I've said before in a couple of other posts that it's been a task going hard all year like this but I finally made it. That's one thing that I can cross off my bucket list of things to do blogging wise, (I'll share that post one of these days). If you're wondering what post I have up this year, simply click here on my 2015 Posting Schedule, So Far post and you'll see each one that I've written this year. There are a lot of great blogs in there that have gotten a lot of great reviews.

What's currently going on with the blog?

Well that's a simple question, a lot is going on right now lol. I'm currently in the process of switching over some things, fixing some broken links, going through and editing some messed up content; basically the whole nine yards. So this month I'm pretty much been going through and seeing what works and what doesn't. So if you see some stuff that doesn't look right, I already know about it, I'm working hard to fix it. I need you guys to be patient since it's just me and I have a lot of other stuff going on in my personal life at the moment, (all good though).

The end of the year lists are going to slowly start rolling out and I'll be letting you guys know when I do them. I have my own here on the blog and then I do a guest post for my pal Tiffany's blog over on Addiction for music, which I've done every year since 2012. I'm real excited about that and just ending this year on a high note and getting into the groove for next year with all the continued growth and support that I've received. I'm going to keep it relatively short this time around but I hope you guys are enjoying what's going on here and if you want you can definitely go back and check out the previous months down below to check everything out.

Until next time guys!

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