Top 10 In Entertainment | 2015

2015 was a very lackluster year as far as movies go, to me at least. I know a lot of people liked all of the movies that came out this year but I'm not so easily swayed. Personally I think the movies that were suppose to be good, let me down in a big way. But fortunately for us we have 2016 approaching and we have tons and tons of good movies on the way here. But for now we have my top movies of the year.

This year I wanted to try something new and hand out some awards for the best of each type of movie because I love different types of movies, except for horror, as apparent from my lack of inclusion on this list. Here are the movies for each category and my top movies and top worst movies of the year:

Worse Movie of The Year

Surprise Movie of The Year

Biggest Let Down
Best Action Movie
Best Comedy

Best Drama

Best Animated Feature
Best Sports Movie

Best Horror
(Didn't watch any this year)
Best Western

My Top Movies of The Year
3. Creed
7. Spy
9. Minions

My Worst Movies of The Year
10. Chappie

That does it for my top movies of the year, if you want to see what my top albums of the year are then go check out Addiction's Year End List and see what I and many others thought. I've participated in that list since 2012 and I'm back for the fourth edition. If you have any movies that you think should have been on this list then leave it in the comments below and tell me why. I'm going to have my 2016 predictions next week for you guys and I'm looking forward to that list.

See you next year guys!

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