TheeSouthernBelle's Blog Review

If we aren’t broken and taken through a few tough obstacles,
then how would we appreciate the blessing?
We don’t know what God is preparing us for.
So we have to hold it together when He says, “wait a minute”.
Who are we to really understand the mind of God and why He does certain things?
- Audriana Smith

If you don't know this young lady, you're really doing yourself a disservice.

This has to be one of the most opinionated and vivacious people that I have ever met in my life, and for that reason alone, that's what makes her Audriana. She is definitely one of a kind and especially in this world, that's a very important thing. I for one am glad that she started blogging last year over at TheeSouthernBelle because it has been gems with every post that she writes, even though she doesn't write as much as I like her too lol.

Her content is religion oriented, and initially I was a little hesitant about reading it, because me personally, I don't like the real churchy people that act like they are holier than thou, but the great thing about her blog is that she knows how to write about what's important to her from the bible, while making the posts more relatable to those who don't follow it closely. The most important thing is that her content is relatable to everyone, and that's key for me, keep me engaged, and that's what she does with every post.

Now the only thing that I don't like is the layout of it, I know I've talked to her about this, but she likes it, so I love it. You guys know how big I am on cool looking blog layouts. But I'm confident that she'll jazz it up sometime this year. But as far as accessing content, it's the easiest that you're going to get on the web, so reading her posts won't be a problem at all. Usually I would give a brief breakdown of a couple posts that I like but I want you guys to actually head over there and discover those on your own because they are worth your time.

All in all, I really love the blog because of the content is true to her and it's relatable to the audience and she really hits home on her posts, while offering a different view of things. So when you have the time after reading this, I want you guys to head over to TheeSouthernBelle and support her, you won't be disappointed with the results and outcomes. Make sure you check her out on twitter too at @AudrianaLatrice she actually engages with the people that tweet her, and she's pretty hilarious at the same time. So support my friend and fellow black blogger.

Until next time guys.

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